Is Sitting in Bars with Cake based on a true story?

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 8, 2023 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
Is Sitting in Bars with Cake based on a true story

Is Sitting in Bars with Cake based on a true story? We discuss the 2023 Prime Video movie and debate whether it’s based on real events.

I’m convinced that the premise of this comedy-drama from Prime Video could also be adapted into a reality game show. The film focuses on two twenty-somethings, Corinne and Jane, who have been close friends for years.

Jane is an incredible baker but a little socially awkward, and buddy Corinne is, of course, her polar opposite, who loves a good night out with plenty of company. However, the story gets going when the likable pair cooks up a scheme that will see them expand their social life in a fun and unique way.

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Making cakes is so in vogue just now, and this film captures the joy of the activity while engaging a viewership that loves shows like Bake Off and Nailed It!

You can read a full review of the film here on Ready Steady Cut, but this companion piece is more interested in the roots of the narrative, so grab a slice of buttercream sponge and relax as I answer the question, is Sitting in Bars with Cake based on a true story?

What is the movie Sitting in Bars with Cake about?

Closely following the friendship between Jane and Corinne, it soon becomes apparent that Jane’s ability to bake is a resource that should be explored further, and Corinne manages to convince her friend that baking a cake weekly, taking it to a bar or club, and using the cake as an ice breaker, is going to lead them to meet new people.

They call it “cakebarring,” and of course, it gets the desired results, with people loving the cake and becoming eager to know the pair.

However, an MRI scan soon reveals that Corinne is not in great shape health-wise, bringing about many changes in their lives.

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Can the friendship survive the darker days that lie ahead?

Is Sitting in Bars with Cake based on a true story?

The film states that it is “inspired by true events,” and we discovered that the events mentioned come from a blog and, eventually, a book written by Audrey Shulman.

The idea of actually using cake as a way to meet people in bars is true, and Audrey, who began the blog in 2011, would often also share recipes for the cakes she made and openly states that it was a great way to improve her social skills, and of course, meet people.

The blog’s success would lead to a book called Sitting in Bars with Cake: Lessons and Recipes from One Year of Trying to Bake My Way to a Boyfriend.

The book was also a huge success, and a movie deal was always going to happen and the good news is that Audrey herself was able to write the movie’s screenplay.

Is Sitting in Bars with Cake based on real people?

The two main characters in the film are based on real people. Audrey and her real-life friend Chrissy are the real inspiration for Corrine and Jane, the main protagonists in the movie.

What I think should happen next is a reality game show based on the movie but requiring a panel of contestants to bake a cake, then hit a bar, and see who can get a date based on the baked goods.

You could call it Cake Date. Come on, Prime Video, this format is a winner.

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