Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Recap – “Land of Inhuman Demons (Part 3)”

By Nubia Brice
Published: September 13, 2023 (Last updated: March 22, 2024)
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Crunchyroll anime series Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Recap


An exhilarating episode that will have viewers on the edge of their seats waiting for the finale.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10, “Land on Inhuman Demons (Part 3),” which contains spoilers.

For at least a few episodes, it seemed like Dazai (voiced by Mamoru Miyano) was the only Armed Detective Agency member whose plan was working out in their favor. However, now that Fyodor (voiced by Akira Ishida) managed to turn the tables on him, it seems Dazai is in just as dire a situation as everyone else.

Ranpo (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya)  is incapacitated, Fukuchi (voiced by Akio Otsuka) has gotten the upper hand on Fukuzawa (voiced by Rikiya Koyama), and even Aya (voiced by Minako Kotobuki) has been captured with Bram (voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda).

With things looking worse than ever for the Armed Detective Agency, it’s hard to see them clearing their names any time soon.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with Aya reminiscing on her home life, specifically how much pressure was put on her by her father, whose expectations she has struggled to live up to.

She then wakes up next to Bram on the side of a building, who is being put on display to lure the Armed Detective Agency.

How do Dazai and Sigma escape the flooding elevator?

Dazai and Sigma manage to escape the flooding elevator only after Dazai shoots through the vents, hitting the wire that controls the doors.

From there, Sigma sees the doors beginning to crack and pries them open himself.

Does the United Nations vote to let Fukuchi use One Order?

Yes, the United Nations does vote to allow Fukuchi to open One Order. According to the chairperson, the vote was passed by a majority.

What does Sigma see when he touches Fyodor?

When he touches Fyodor, Sigma sees various rays of light and what he thinks are strings of information before falling onto his back.

Whether he is dead or passed out is unknown.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Dazai taunts Chuya into swinging at him, but Fyodor stops him, knowing that Dazai’s goal is to use his ability to save Chuya from his vampire state through physical touch.

Chuya shoots Dazai in the shoulder before aiming the gun at his head. As Dazai attempts to talk him out of it, Chuya shoots him once in the forehead.

Fukuchi goes back on his word and uses One Order to have all of his units attack and begin preparing nuclear weapons. At the same time, Aya shoves the table tied to Bram’s sword off the building, only for it to be too light.

This was an intense episode from start to finish and exactly what you’d expect from the last one before the season finale.

While it’s clear there’s no way Bungo Stray Dogs will tie up this arc in its entirety next week, I am still curious to see how things play out, especially when it feels like the Armed Detective Agency doesn’t stand a chance.

This is easily the longest arc of the series thus far, but it has been well worth it, as it’s been the craziest and most entertaining as well.

The suspense in this episode alone was almost palpable and really made the attention to detail and storytelling stand out.

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