Wilderness Season 1, Episode 2 Recap – Who Shows Up During Will and Liv’s Road Trip?

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 15, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Wilderness Season 1, Episode 2
Wilderness Season 1, Episode 2 Recap (Credit - Amazon Prime Video)




“The Other Woman” delivers a manipulating and twisted ride that keeps you on your toes—another stellar performance from Jenna Coleman.

Revenge is on Liv’s mind in episode 2 of Wilderness. Liv starts to play mind games with Will and Cara, the woman he is having an affair with. As she continues to put plans in motion, Liv struggles to keep it together on a hiking trip with Cara and her boyfriend.

Will and Liv’s road trip

Liv and Will are heading to their next stop on the road trip, and as the duo takes a selfie together, a woman walks up and says, “Will.” Of course, we notice her from the sex video that Will made with her, but she introduces herself to Liv as Cara, a co-worker of Will’s. Moments later, Garth comes up, and Cara introduces him to everyone as her man, which makes Will uncomfortable as I don’t believe he knows.

Liv, playing up to the revenge game, mentions to Will that they should go hiking with Garth and Cara. Although hesitant, Will agrees to do it once Liv pushes him to ensure he isn’t hiding anything.

We get a flashback to two weeks earlier when Liv is researching on a computer to figure out who the girl was in the video with Will. She searches on the company website, finding Cara’s picture. Then, she starts to stalk Cara daily and follow her every step. She follows her to a club where we see her watching her every move.

Wilderness Season 1, Episode 2 Recap (Credit – Amazon Prime Video)

Back at the trail, a conversation ensues where Liv is able to slide in “potshots” at Cara and Will without the two of them knowing what she is up to. After Will hurts himself on the trail, Liv talks Cara into heading back to get him help together. Things go awry when Will’s car is stolen, forcing them to stay with Cara and Garth for the night.

How does Will react to Liv and Cara’s new friendship?

Liv and Will have a fight at dinner. It leads to Cara comforting her, and as she does, Liv reveals to Cara that she knows (about her and Will). Cara breaks down and apologizes, and they embrace. This pisses off Will, who is looking on, and back at the room, he flips out on Liv and why she wants to befriend Cara so much.

The two have a massive fight, and he storms out for the night.

Liv passes out after drinking too much, and when she awakes, she tries to call Will, but his phone rings in the room. She picks up his phone and sees a text from Cara saying, “Let’s stop just talking about it. And DO IT. Leave. Tonight. 1 at the waterfall. C x.” She flips out after seeing the message and heads to the waterfall. When she arrives, she sees someone with a raincoat on, gets a running start, and pushes them off the waterfall as the episode ends.

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