Who is Nicole Bessick? Actress Explained

September 18, 2023
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Who is Nicole Bessick - Actress Explained

Who is Nicole Bessick? We discuss the actress after her recent performances in film and TV Shows. 

If you are a fan of comedy-drama, you might have picked up on the Netflix series Miseducation.

The wacky show follows the misadventures of an online influencer who finds herself in trouble after her politician mother’s house is raided and all manner of improprieties are found. In an attempt to try and regain some of her previous clouts, she enrolls in a small town college and ends up meeting some new allies and trying everything to reinvent herself.

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Along the way, she meets an array of characters, and one of them is Raeesah, played with vigor by Nicole Bessick.

Of course, a full review of the show can be found on the site, but this article is taking a deep dive into the actress who plays Raeesah as we answer the question, who is Nicole Bessick?

Who is Nicole Bessick?

Not only is Nicole a talented actress, but she is also a celebrity boxing champion, often named The Action Barbie by her many fans. Nicole has been careful to pick the roles she wants to play and has had a bit of a whirlwind rise to fame in TV and film.

However, there is much more to Nicole, as she is one of the leaders in the crusade against GBV in South Africa, leading the fight for gender equality and launching her NGO, The Fight For Good Foundation, an initiative that “takes women from victim to warrior in 12 weeks.”

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Nicole does not shy away from difficult topics and has a passion for what she believes in.

Where is Nicole Bessick from?

Nicole is from Cape Town, South Africa, and is based in Johannesburg.

What movies and TV Shows is Nicole Bessick known for?

As far back as 2013, you could spot Nicole in Cold Harbour, a South African thriller featuring smugglers and police corruption. Plenty of TV work would follow, Nicole would appear in an episode of Black Mirror in 2016 and the TV series Broken Vows before joining the cast of Lockdown Heights, where she played Britney.

In 2020, she would appear in Binnelanders, a South African soap opera centered on the medical profession. TV movie No Hiding Here would be next for Nicole in 2021, and she would play Jamie-Lee Jacobs in that production.

In 2022, a role would present itself in Daryn’s Gym, an against-the-odds story of a small gym fighting against a huge corporation. Nicole would play Kai in this before landing the role in the Netflix comedy-drama Miseducation, bringing you up to date with Nicole’s career.

Nicole also found herself the host of her own very popular talk show.

She would chair the series The A1 Chat Show, which was also a ratings winner.

Does Nicole Bessick have socials?

Nicole is most active on Instagram, and if you search for @nicole_bessick, you can join her 72 thousand followers and check out some of the photo shoots she has done for various magazines.

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