Song of the Bandits Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – How Does Gwang-il Find Yoon?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Song of the Bandits Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - How does Gwang-il find Yoon?
Song of the Bandits Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)




The sixth episode of Song of the Bandits tones down the action but turns up the dramatic tension considerably, with almost every character forced to make their toughest decision yet.

In previous episodes of Song of the Bandits, a prior relationship between Choong-soo and Eon-nyeoni has been regularly suggested. However, we didn’t have any details until the cold open of the fourth episode.

It seems a simple enough story. Choong-soo took Eon-nyeoni in after her parents were slaughtered and raised her like his own daughter — to a point, anyway. We’re still unclear where exactly their relationship went wrong, but it must have done for Eon-nyeoni to have taken the path she ultimately did.

In the present day, things pick right back up from the end of Episode 5, with Eon-nyeoni having turned up to see Choong-soo and the gang, looking for Yoon.

Eon-nyeoni is desperate now. She has to kill Yoon or be killed himself, so she sows some seeds of discord among the gang by revealing to them that he could have killed Hee-shin on the train and didn’t. If he can’t be trusted to put the greater good of Joseon over his lady friend, can he really be considered an ally?

It’s something for the bandits, who have been falling out pretty reliably since the beginning, to think about.

How does Gwang-il find Yoon?

Gwang-il finds out that the men who ambushed Yoon and Hee-shin at the train station were Joseon-born soldiers who had deserted their unit to disguise themselves as rebels in the hopes of retrieving the stolen railway funds.

Since all those men have been found dead, Gwang-il deduces that Yoon must be pretty close by — and he’s right.

Yoon and Hee-shin have been in a nearby village for the last three days to allow the latter to recuperate following her gunshot wound. Yoon has been by her bedside the entire time, but he nervously downplays it when the village elder tells Hee-shin and she brings it up to him.

However, this slightly romantic dalliance is interrupted by the arrival of Yoon’s gang and Eon-nyeoni, who have managed to track Yoon to the village. They confront him and, after a brief tussle, manage to subdue him. He explains to them that Hee-shin is really on their side and is driving to use the stolen railway money to liberate Joseon people, but he doesn’t have time to convince everyone since Gwang-il arrives.

Gwang-il and Yoon have a very tense confrontation with both the bandits and the soldiers all waiting outside ready to kill each other. There’s no love lost between the two, naturally, but Yoon doesn’t give anything away that Gwang-il didn’t already know. They manage to reach the end of the conversation without violence, and the two groups part ways, but Gwang-il makes sure to tell a hiding Eon-nyeoni that her assignment to kill Yoon is still very much active.

How does Song of the Bandits season 1, episode 6 end?

After all this, Hee-shin justifies herself to Yoon’s crew, trying to convince them that she’s really fighting for independence. She’s convincing, but Choong-soo is still skeptical, and pushes Yoon about what his real motivations are. He confesses that Hee-shin is the woman that he described to him in a previous episode, and he understands, but warns Yoon of the potential sacrifices he might have to make by being so personally invested.

Choong-soo also has a frank conversation with Eon-nyeoni, who is deeply troubled by her predicament of having to kill Yoon and Hee-shin to spare her own life. Despite everything that has happened between them, they can’t find common ground. Eon-nyeoni cannot believe in Joseon people standing together since it was Joseon people who killed her parents in front of her, and it’s those memories she recalls as she rides away, resolved to kill Yoon and Hee-shin.

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