Nowhere (2023) Ending Explained – does Mia reach Ireland?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: September 29, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
Nowhere (2023) Ending Explained - Netflix

The film Nowhere, directed by Albert Pintó, is a thrilling situational drama about a pregnant woman fighting for her life out at sea in a cargo container — we delve into the ending in as much detail as possible and explain whether our protagonist, Mia, reaches Ireland. We must warn you that there are spoilers ahead!

The original plan was for Mia and Nico to get on a cargo ship and reach the port of Ireland. But that didn’t work out the way they wanted. Nico and Mia got separated near the beginning of the film, only for Mia to be stuck on a cargo ship with other people trying to flee the country.

The military stopped them and killed every single person on the ship except for Mia because she was hiding.

Once Mia and Nico were separated, everything started to get worse for Mia. What was scary was that she was on her own, waiting for her unborn child to be born in the upcoming days. Once she did give birth, she was able to move and think a bit differently.

However, once she got to a point in the ocean where she got service, Nico called her and told her that he had been wounded. He wouldn’t be able to go out and rescue her at all. Mia knew exactly what he meant, and she knew she would never be able to see him again. So she put Nico on the phone with her daughter Noa so they could hear each other. Sadly, she knew that Nico would be dead by the time she got to shore.

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Not only did Mia have to go through the trauma of fleeing her country, but she had to navigate the sea with a newborn child. She managed to protect her young one and do everything in her power to give them both a chance to survive and actually live a full life in Ireland.

Nowhere Ending Explained

Did Mia reach Ireland?

Mia was put on the ship and ventured out to the open waters, hoping she would reach Ireland. During her time on the ship, she had to find a way to fill the bullet holes from the military that were now causing the cargo she was locked in to flood.

Luckily, she found the tape and started clogging the holes because the water was getting in. The waves were choppy, and she encountered a storm that knocked the cargo container off the ship. She was now stranded in the open sea with few supplies. She knew that there were others in cargo holds that also fell into the water.

Not only did Mia have to endure rocky waters, but she had to give birth as well. Pintó showed time passing based on her pregnancy, and once she gave birth, it was a whole other ordeal. He showed her fully nude in the middle of the cargo container that had filled up with water.

And she performed a natural birth with the baby being born in the water. For the second half of the film, she was alone with her son Noa without any hope that she was going to make it to shore.

Once the container was full of water and wasn’t sinking, Mia had to get out of there in order to breathe and keep her newborn safe. She climbed up onto the cargo container and stayed on top for a while.

In doing so, she cut her leg open, and it was oozing blood, but she managed to stitch herself up for the time being. She knew that the cargo container was too big to get anywhere near the shore in the water, so she constructed a raft with whatever was lying around.

Mia didn’t have any paddles to move the raft, so she placed her daughter on top of it as she stayed in the water to navigate the raft. She had no energy because she didn’t have any food in her system, so her legs gave out on her halfway.

Once they were closer to the shore, a fisherman and his family noticed the raft in the middle of the ocean and went towards it. Fortunately for Mia, the family did take Noa and found Mia attached to the rope, unconscious in the water. At first, it seemed that Mia was dead, but they gave her CPR, and she was revived. They did reach the shore of Ireland.

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