Destined with You Season 1 Episode 14 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: October 5, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Destined with You Season 1 Episode 14 Recap - Netflix K-Drama


A strong episode shows the detailed link Hong-jo and Sin-yu really have.

Packed with detail, Episode 14 of Destined with You, which is predominantly set in the past, was excellent. It provided clarity while also building excitement for the final two installments and seemed to cement Hong-jo and Sin-yu’s love for each other. Here, we break down and recap the K-Drama.

Finding the stabbed body of Sin-yu (Rowoon), Hong-jo (Jo Bo-ah) weeps and begs her partner to “stay” before the legal advisor is taken to the hospital. Then, we move to the past, where Mu-jin had suggested running away alongside Aeng-cho because of the threats he’d received about his love for her.

Destined with You Season 1 Episode 14 Recap and Breakdown

We see Aeng-cho was made to rebuff Mu-jin and claim her affection wasn’t “strong enough” for running away. That, and he’s told his destiny involves marrying someone else, and he shouldn’t defy that.

Soon, Aeng-cho is brought to the palace, where she is told to conduct a spell in secrecy by concubine Jung. There, the shaman is spotted by Mu-jin, and the truth about her affection for him is revealed.

As more time passes, Aeng-cho’s bond with Mu-jin strengthens, though rumors a “cunning shaman” resides in the palace spread too (a past life incarnation of Jae-gyeong is seen to have talked with Mu-jin about it). And eventually, this means Aeng-cho is captured, accused of cursing the Crown Prince, while her spell books are ordered to be burnt.

When locked in a well, Aeng-cho is found by Mu-jin, and subsequently rescued. The shaman is here told about concubine Jung’s wish to obtain the last spell book penned by her, and is asked to hand it over, then flee with Mu-jin.

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However, things do not work out as planned. Mu-jin, carrying the wooden box, is tracked by the past life incarnation of Jae-gyeong, who has been promised land in exchange for taking Aeng-cho. What follows is a battle for Mu-jin to keep possession of the item, one he appears unable to succeed with.

As men are then sent to “ransack” Aeng-cho’s hiding place, they discover she isn’t there. Instead, the shaman has gone looking for Mu-jin, who volunteers to be the one to end her life.

Thus, an emotional Mu-jin stabs Aeng-cho, accepting the curse that will be put upon him so the shaman won’t be dismembered. “If there is a next life, let us be happy,” he says before Aeng-cho passes away.

What happens to Sin-yu in the present?

Back in the present, Sin-yu’s heartbeat returns, and Hong-jo is informed that Jung-beom was “clearly” the perpetrator of the stabbing. The gardener hasn’t been caught yet, however.

Fortunately, Sin-yu’s surgery is a success, but Hong-jo can’t bring herself to return to the hospital because she feels guilty, and the legal advisor’s parents are present. Jae-gyeong’s attempt at comfort doesn’t quite cut through either.

While the Mayor panics over Na-yeon’s link with Jung-beom, Se-heon wonders why Hong-jo hasn’t visited Sin-yu in the hospital. Then, when the legal advisor is awake, his father instructs the civil servant not to contact her.

Destined with You Season 1 Episode 14 Ending Explained

At City Hall, the discharged Sin-yu meets with Jae-gyeong, and tries to get information on where Hong-jo is staying. The legal advisor attempts to get the civil servant to visit him too, leaving voice messages on her phone for encouragement.

However, Jung-beom also leaves a voice note for Hong-jo, asking for the two to meet “one last time” or she’ll risk never seeing Sin-yu again. When trying to oblige, the civil servant comes across her partner, and she is told there’s no more curse (as technically he was dead at a point).

Revealing that he’s seen all of their past life, Sin-yu confidently allows Hong-jo to caress his cheek, and declares his love for her. As the two embrace, the episode comes to an end.

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