Destined with You Season 1, Episode 9 Recap – what is Hong-jo and Sin-yu’s past link?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: September 20, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Destined with You Season 1, Episode 9 Recap
Destined with You Season 1, Episode 9 (Credit - Netflix)




An interesting episode brings with it plenty of talking points.

With an ending purely focused on past lives, season 1, episode 9 of Destined with You did a really solid job of solidifying the bond between Hong-jo (Jo Bo-ah) and Sin-yu (Rowoon). With the double-team of Na-yeon (Yura) and Joong-beom lingering in the background too, the second half of this series has the right setup to be a good one.

Hong-jo’s concerns

Running away from the mysterious figure, a panicked Hong-jo bumps into Jae-gyeong, then notices no sign of danger. Elsewhere, Seo-goo, after spilling wine on a shirt when taken aback by something Eun-young said that could be misinterpreted, pulls his colleague in for a hug.

As Sin-yu’s mother worries about her son’s illness, Jae-gyeong goes to check up on Hong-jo at her apartment.

Initially, the civil servant doesn’t answer, but when she does, it’s established she’s feeling rather ill. In this scene, Hong-jo is told that Jae-gyeong was in the park to check on the festival and that he does “quite a lot of miscellaneous things.”

After having a nightmare over the cursed doll appearing outside her apartment window, Hong-jo is somewhat out of sorts at work, where she texts Sin-yu to ask if something is wrong.

However, the only communication the civil servant receives is a message from Jae-gyeong, who is curious about her condition.

How do Sin-yu and Hong-jo reconnect? And who is Na-yeon linked to?

Now awake, Sin-yu gets a chance to read Hong-jo’s messages and subsequently meets her at the hospital. There, the civil servant asks the legal advisor if she could have the wooden box back, while in the background, someone takes pictures of the two together. When the photos are then sent to Na-yeon, she calls the number and states that they can stop now, seemingly pointing to her being the catalyst of these actions.

Destined with You Season 1, Episode 9 (Credit – Netflix)

Continuing, Na-yeon visits Sin-yu at the hospital and starts discussing their travel plans. Now, Hong-jo has apparently “cleared up” her misunderstanding.

Next, Hong-jo worries the “love destruction” spell could’ve been used to curse Sin-yu. So she visits Eun-wol, wanting to know more. In turn, this leads to the civil servant once again trying to see if a spell could work.

Concurrently, it’s revealed Na-yeon has been working alongside Joong-beom, with the latter apparently going along with the former’s orders because it fits his “plan.” Curious, Na-yeon wants to know what her next move should be.

The past revealed between Hong-jo and Sin-yu

Skipping out on his trip, Sin-yu travels to the Buyongjae fireworks festival to find Hong-jo, where he confesses his love to her. In doing so, past life memories appear to be triggered, where the two had discussed running away together.

Additionally, there are more contextual flashbacks offered to the viewer. One sees a young girl (a past incarnation of Hong-jo) left at the doorstep of an elder, whereas another focuses on a young boy (a past incarnation of Sin-yu) wanting to see his mother, only to discover she had passed away.

Upon fleeing, the young boy meets the young girl and finds that his mother has left a note for him inside a textbook. Afterward, the children begin to grow closer, though the girl can’t help but see a bloodied hand in her friend’s future.

From here, the two eventually become a couple as they grow older, and the episode ends with the past life incarnations of Hong-jo and Sin-yu sharing a kiss, along with a warm embrace.

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