Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - HBO Max


“The Innkeeper” is a surprisingly emotional entry in the series, handling the show’s romances and its more comedic moments exceptionally well. This is an exciting and, at times, tender offering that continues to shock and entertain in equal measures.

So far, the second season has kept Stede’s crew and Ed’s crew miles apart from each other, but that is all about to change in Season 2 Episode 3, “The Innkeeper.” The Red Flag comes across the ruins of the Revenge, and Zheng happily welcomes Ed’s crewmates aboard. Meanwhile, Ed washes up on a distant shore, where he discovers some harsh truths about himself. Here, we break down Our Flag Means Death with the key moments and talking points.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

We start with Zheng and Olu walking through the middle of a battle as the joint crews conduct their first official raid together. Zheng then meets with her enemy’s leader, who can’t believe that he has been defeated by a female pirate. They have dinner together and agree to become business partners.

Stede and Olu are astounded by Zheng’s negotiation skills. Then her assistant Auntie enters the room, announcing that they have found the wreckage of a pirate ship called the Revenge. Stede can’t believe his luck, so he swims across to the old ship to be with his lover once more.

He desperately searches the entire ship for his former lover. Stede soon finds the crew tucking into a dead seagull, but there is no Ed in sight. When asked about Ed’s whereabouts, the crew is suspiciously quiet, suggesting that he has retired.

Who is Hornigold?

Meanwhile, Ed washes up on an unfamiliar shoreline. He is dragged to safety by an unknown male with a piggy sidekick. Ed awakens to find himself in the company of his old enemy, Captain Hornigold (Mark Mitchinson), who now goes by the name Ben.

Back on the Red Flag, Auntie grows suspicious of the new crew members. She investigates the Revenge, certain that mutiny has taken place. Frenchie and Fang deny any such thing happening. While on the Red Flag, Jim and Olu are finally reunited. Jim admits that they kissed Archie.

Stede inspects the Revenge for himself. He asks Izzy for the truth. Izzy admits that Ed went mad. He tortured the crew and took his leg, all because of the break-up. He then states that they have left Ed deserted on a beach somewhere.

Ed discusses the mutiny with Ben. He also worries that he’s going insane. Ben suggests that he either moves on or kills himself. Ed starts to open up to Ben more. He reveals that he would have loved to have been an innkeeper. They then role-play the job, but this quickly descends into an argument.

The two enemies wrestle each other, and Ed strangles Ben before snapping his neck. But Ben isn’t dead, he just jumps back to life moments later. Ed tries to kill Ben again and again, but it is no use. Something rather strange is at play on this island.

Auntie figures it all out way before Ed does. She knew the crew were lying to her about something and investigated the matter further. Auntie discovers that they were covering up the mutiny, and that Ed is in fact dead. We then see his corpse, hidden in a chamber below the deck. Ed’s crew are then thrown into a jail cell for this treacherous act.

Where is Ed in “The Innkeeper”?

Ed realizes his situation only moments later; he is stuck in purgatory. Instantly, the captain chooses life, he wants to live. Ben asks him to list the pros and cons of living. Ed admits that he loves many things about his life, but he has no one to share it with. There is no one waiting for him. Of course, that is not necessarily true.

Back in the real world, Olu discusses the execution with Zheng. He tries to persuade her not to kill his old crew mates. Zheng questions Olu’s relationship with Jim, being fiercely jealous of their romance. Olu states that they are best friends but not lovers. Then Zheng kisses Olu.

While Zheng is distracted, Stede plans a prison break. They drug Zheng’s crew mates using chamomile-scented towels in place of the usual chloroform. Next, they create a zip-line between the two ships and speed across to the Revenge.

Auntie breaks in on Olu and Zheng’s make-out session to update the captain on this betrayal. Stede’s crew have disabled the ship’s wheel and have freed the prisoners. Zheng rushes to her team’s aid, allowing Olu the chance to escape with Jim.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The episode concludes with both Stede and Ed’s crews back on the Revenge. Stede sits beside Ed’s lifeless body. He apologizes for causing all this pain and weeps. At the same time, Ed battles with his inner demons, realizing that Ben is just a figment of his own imagination.

Ed realizes that he hates himself, but he still wants to live. He fights back and returns to life. Ed wakes, and the two ex-lovers grip each other’s hands tightly. They are finally reunited with one another.

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