Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: October 12, 2023
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Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 4 Recap


The guest stars in “Fun and Games” may be quite forgettable, but the rest of the episode still manages to balance the show’s usual blend of dark comedy and comforting camaraderie, whilst Ed and Stede’s complex relationship continues to explore new, intriguing terrain.

Stede and Ed have finally been reunited with each other for the first time in Season 2 of the Max series Our Flag Means Death, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are back together just yet. In Episode 4, “Fun and Games”, the old lovers quarrel, whilst spending an awkward dinner together with an equally toxic couple.

Meanwhile, on the Revenge, the two opposing gangs argue among themselves.

Our full recap contains major spoilers for the episode.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

We pick up where Episode 3 ended, with Stede and Ed holding hands. Stede is overjoyed to have Ed back in his life, but Blackbeard is still enraged with his ex. He headbutts him only moments later. Stede nurses his wound and updates the crew on Ed’s surprise recovery.

The two separate crews are back together as one unit and they both agree that Ed needs to leave. They fear that once he’s fully recovered he will attack them. Ed is voted off the ship and is banished right away. He returns to the wilderness to fend for himself once more.

Who is Mary Read?

Ed wanders through a jungle, where he is reunited with an old pirate buddy called Mary Read (Rachel House). She takes her old friend back to her home, which is an antique store. At the same time, Buttons and Stede walk through the very same stretch of jungle, discussing Ed’s miraculous recovery.

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Buttons believes that Ed has been to purgatory and is still half dead. He warns Stede of Ed’s odd state. They too venture to the antiques store, where Ed and Stede are quickly reunited once again. This leads to an awkward encounter; Ed is clearly still resentful of Stede’s past mistakes.

The antiques store owner Anne Bonny (Minnie Driver) invites both of them to stay for dinner. They ask how Stede and Ed first met. Stede recounts the story, discussing how the couple was happy together for a short period of time.

Anne and Mary go to check on the food, leaving Ed and Stede alone together. Stede asks about purgatory, but Ed insists that he is fine. They overhear Anne and Mary arguing next door. This fight ends with Mary taking a knife to the back. The odd couple then seem to flirt and revel in the violence. Stede and Ed look disturbed by their quirky romance.

How does Izzy cope with Ed’s betrayal?

Back on the Revenge, the gang of misfits struggles to adjust to their new partnership. Izzy is depressed after his fight with Ed and is drunk all the time, whilst Lucius is clearly out of his depth. Stede’s crew is fascinated by Ed’s team, who manically clean the deck, trying to wash away Ed’s blood.

In an attempt to help the two parties bond better, Stede’s gang surprises the new crew mates with a party. This includes a pinata and a cake. Both of these items trigger horrible flashbacks for Ed’s crew, who are still recovering from Ed’s tyrannic dictatorship.

The surprise party ends in a standoff between the two teams. Olu manages to talk the two gangs out of fighting, but another argument soon follows. This is only stopped by Izzy’s sudden arrival. He has chopped off the legs of the unicorn figurehead. He then slips and breaks his own wooden leg, before proceeding to crawl away.

How does Mary fight back?

At the dinner party, Stede and Anne chat in the kitchen. Anne clearly likes Stede and kisses him. She then realizes that Mary has poisoned her. This odd couple can’t help but torture each other. The dinner follows, with Buttons joining the disaster.

During the meal, Anne lets slip that Stede left Ed for his old wife. Ed wasn’t aware of this betrayal. He storms off after causing a scene. Stede and Ed then talk in private. Ed feels hurt, having trusted in Stede. In response, Stede admits that he panicked, but he loves everything about Ed. Blackbeard refuses to forgive Stede though.

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As the night comes to an end, Anne reveals that Stede kissed her. Ed realizes that these two psychos are just playing games with them. Mary admits that this is what happens over time in a relationship. The magic dies and all that you are left with is fun and games. Anne and Mary argue again and Anne decides to burn the house down.

This is the guests’ cue to leave. Buttons, Ed, and Stede walk away from the burning building. Stede invites Ed to stay the night on the Revenge and Ed accepts. Stede runs on ahead to ask the crew, leaving Ed and Buttons alone together.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Buttons starts his ritual and disappears behind a tree. Ed then finds a bird in his place, believing that Buttons has transformed into a seagull. Stede then returns, worried that he is getting lost. Ed and Stede head back to the ship together.

The episode ends on the Revenge. The crew fashion one of the figurehead legs into a new wooden leg for Izzy. They leave him the present on his doorstep. Izzy is touched by the sentiment and wears the new leg proudly. As he stares out into the distance feeling more hopeful about the future, a seagull flies by.

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