Old Dads Review – A perfect date night comedy

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 20, 2023
Old Dads Review - A perfect date night comedy


Bill Burr’s Old Dads is the perfect streaming movie. A fun cast paired with a balanced script full of comedy and drama makes for a good time.

Bill Burr has performed seven stand-up comedy specials for Netflix. They are taking their relationship to the next level with Burr as he makes his feature film writing and directorial debut with Old Dads, in which he also stars.

Burr is no stranger to the big screen with roles in films like The King of Staten Island or reoccurring roles on hit TV shows Breaking Bad or Barry. However, Old Dads marks his first time penning a feature film and his first foray into the director’s chair. Burr stars in the film alongside Bokeem Woodbine, Bobby Cannavale and Katie Aselton. 

Old Dads review and plot summary

Old Dads follows the story of three best friends who have become fathers later in life. The trio find themselves battling a principal, a millennial CEO, and basically anything new age.

We meet Jack, who started fatherhood a little later in life. His old-school mentality clashes with how parents handle their kids nowadays, but that doesn’t stop him from raising his kid his way.

Jack, Mike, and Connor owned a high-end throwback jersey-making company, but Mike and Connor talked Jack into selling the company to bring a bigger income into their homes. However, things quickly go south as the new owner changes things up and wants to bring a fresh perspective to the business.

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Jack’s new boss tells Jack that he might need to go to therapy. After a run-in with his son’s principal, his wife is on board with him checking in with a therapist to get control of his anger.

By watching this film, you can tell that Bill Burr not only stars in the film but he also wrote the script. Much of Burr’s jokes in his specials find their way into the script, from his Caitlyn Jenner jokes to his making fun of the newer generation. Burr’s greatest hits are on full display.

Bill Burr can act!

While there are some strong funny moments, Bill Burr’s writing provides some authentic, emotionally deep moments. Burr has acting chops, and he proved that with his fantastic turn in The King of Staten Island. In Old Dads, he delivers another strong acting turn. I would love to see Burr explore more of the dramatic roles and work with some heavy-hitting directors in the future. 

The film is spearheaded by the trio of Bill Burr, Bokeem Woodbine, and Bobby Cannavale. Their chemistry is spot-on, so much so that seeing an Old Dads 2 shouldn’t be out of the question. They play very well off each other leading to some hilarious moments. 

Old Dads is the perfect streaming movie. On top of that, it is the perfect date night movie. With the well-balanced mix of comedy and drama, you can sit down and enjoy this with a loved one and have a good time. I was thoroughly impressed with not only Burr’s writing but how he brought this entire film together with his direction. I can’t recommend this movie enough. 

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