Old Dads Ending Explained – Do Jack and Leah get back together?

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 20, 2023
Old Dads Ending Explained - Do Jack and Leah get back together?

After performing stand-up comedy for over twenty years, Bill Burr is making his feature film writing and directing debut in the Netflix Original Old DadsBurr also stars in the film alongside Bokeem Woodbine, Bobby Cannavale and Katie Aselton. 

Old Dads follows the story of three men becoming fathers later in life. The trio of men find themselves in the midst of battling a new CEO of their company, a preschool principal, and the new-age way millennials handle everyday life. 

Old Dads is impressive on several levels. It’s reminiscent of the perfect late-90s or early-00s date night movie. Burr’s writing balanced the comedy and drama well, leading to funny one-liners and sincere moments. The script allowed Burr to shine with his strong acting chops, which I hope we see more of in the future. 

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The trio’s new boss, Aspen Bell, has started a new promotional campaign for their company titled “Wanting fame = the new fame.” He tells the company that Jack, Mike, and Connor, along with Aspen’s right-hand man Travis, have to hunt down Ed Cameron. Cameron is an off-the-radar, living-in-the-desert type of guy who would be perfect for Aspen’s campaign.

Old Dads Ending Explained

Why do Jack, Mike, and Connor get fired?

Although the guys are able to snag Ed Cameron and bring him back to Aspen, they are met with news that they have lost their jobs. Aspen was able to get ahold of some footage of their rental car, and inside the rental car, the guys were making jokes about inappropriate things that enabled him to invoke a clause, firing them.

After losing his job, Jack has to throw a party to raise funds to impress his and Leah’s son’s principal so she can write a recommendation for his next school. He is already in hot water with the principal over one of his outbursts, so he uses this to get on her good side.

Like everything else in his life, Jack has a massive outburst at the party, leading to another fight between him and Leah. When he gets home from the party, he realizes the lock is on the door, and Leah says she is kicking him out of the house.

Do Jack and Leah get back together?

After, Jack, Mike, and Connor decide to head to the strip club to blow off some steam. As Jack gets a lap dance, he starts to vent to the stripper about understanding he needs to gain control of his anger because he is nothing without Leah and his kids.

Jack gets a call finding out Leah went into labor, and upon arriving, he realizes he missed the birth of his daughter. However, he pleads with Leah that he is a changed man and will start therapy to control his anger. The movie ends with us seeing Jack, Leah, and their two kids living together, having themselves a happily ever after.

What did you think of the ending of Old Dads? Comment below.

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