Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 22, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


Things seem to be getting a little more serious in Strong Girl Nam-soon, and another cliffhanger ending should be sure to have viewers excitedly tuning in next week.

The matter of legacy is a slightly complicated one in Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1. All the women in Nam-soon’s family have the same inherited super strength and in some cases more powers besides, but it does seem like this genetic embellishment comes with consequences. In the opening of Episode 6, one of these is vocalized by Geum-ju, and while it’s funny on its face, it’s also probably worth thinking about in relation to the old great power, great responsibility cliché.

Major spoilers for the Netflix K-Drama to follow, naturally.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

So, as it turns out, the women in Nam-soon’s family aren’t just blessed with strength but, in their early twenties, a pretty overwhelming need to find a mate. The funny thing I mentioned above is that Geum-ju – we pick up from the conversation where she reveals it was her who provided the Doogo intel – has headhunted Hee-sik for this task.

We also follow on from Episode 5’s main cliffhanger, which you’ll recall was Nam-soon coming face to face with Hwa-ja. We discussed in the recap of that episode how both Geum-ju and now Nam-soon think Hwa-ja can be redeemed, a sentiment that Nam-soon expresses to her, but it doesn’t seem to be amenable for Hwa-ja. Maybe that’s just me.

Shi-o, meanwhile, remains fascinated with Nam-soon, offering his logistics manager a promotion to take videos of her. What a charmer!

What’s wrong with Dong-seok?

The drug plot heats up in this episode as Hee-sik’s team leader Dong-seok becomes increasingly thirsty and addicted. When he tries to preserve his reputation by having Hee-sik take him home instead of to the hospital, he becomes violent, and Nam-soon is forced to barge in and save the day.

Nam-soon promises to investigate the case and find anything helpful at the Doogo warehouse, which she visits later with Hyun-soo and No, pilfering several items after finessing the logistics manager. However, Nam-soon’s exit is caught on camera.

What is Shi-o drinking?

The sixth episode also continues to give more attention to Shi-o. He intends, through the Heritage Club, to continue Doogo’s rapid expansion. We also learn that the blue substance he’s taking is a counter-agent for the drug, retaining its super-strength effects but ensuring it isn’t fatal. This seems a risky balance to uphold as, through Dong-seok, who drinks water from his toilet in desperation, we’ve seen how severe the urges can become.

Shi-o is also the kind of guy who would render his own assistant unrecognizable to throw off the police, so, you know – not one to be trusted, ideally.

Why does Nam-in take that pill?

I haven’t devoted much time in these recaps to the other goings-on with Nam-soon’s relatives since, for the most part, I don’t think they’ve been particularly interesting. Episode 6 doesn’t quite make this untrue, but it’s worthy of a mention at least.

We probably needn’t bother with Joong-gan’s dating life, but Nam-in seems to be heading down a worrying path thanks to both his body image woes and his relationship with his mother, whom he thinks loves Nam-soon much more than him. This insecurity prompts him to take the dodgy pill he was given which will surely have some unpleasant consequences.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 6 Ending Explained

At the end of the episode, Geum-ju comes face to face with Shi-o. She had previously arranged to be there so she could get a better sense of him.

Meanwhile, Hwa-ja doesn’t exactly live up to that whole redemption thing. While Nam-soon joins Hee-sik to search for evidence in the Doogo warehouse, Hwa-ja spots the former standing alone. Seizing the opportunity, she stabs her, leaving Hee-sik, for once, to run to her aid.

Things are left very uncertain as this double-bill of episodes comes to a close.

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