Netflix thriller Burning Betrayal brings a steamy book to life

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 25, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
Burning Betrayal, steamy Netflix thriller based on Sue Hecker's book
Burning Betrayal Image via Netflix

Steamy Brazilian Netflix movie Burning Betrayal follows the story of Babi, who finds out that her partner and fiancée has been unfaithful and makes the decision to move on with her life, entering into a relationship with Judge Marco, leading to a journey of sexual discovery and danger. Like several previous erotic thrillers, Burning Betrayal isn’t an entirely original story but is based on a book by the prolific author Sue Hecker.

Is Burning Betrayal based on a book?

Burning Betrayal is an adaptation of O Lado Bom De Ser Traida, a title which roughly translates to “The good side of being betrayed.” It is Sue Hecker’s first title released by HarperCollins Brasil.

Sue Hecker has released many similar novels including Mr G, Me, Him and Mr G, Tutor, and Epilogue, and seems to be able to churn these novels out quite easily with an incredible thirty-eight titles under her belt.

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Netflix’s Burning Betrayal Plot Explained

The Brazilian movie is directed by Diego Freitas, who you might know from his previous outing Beyond the Universe.

The story follows high-flying accountant Babi who is all ready for her wedding day to Caio, getting her dress prepared and having a hen night with her besties. However, photographs soon emerge that show her fiancée in some compromising positions with someone else.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Caio is also mixed up in some illegal dealings involving money laundering and a local drug cartel.

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Babi is devastated, the photographs are quite damning, and the wedding is naturally called off, leaving Babi naturally depressed by the betrayal. Still, her friends are not going to let her wallow in self-pity and self-medication, and it’s not long before she is back on her motorcycle and heading out into the world.

Taking the situation into her own hands, and dying her hair black, Babi signs up to join a motorcycle gang, and meets Judge Marco, whom she nicknames “the hot judge”. Babi is intrigued by the handsome judicial figure. She explains to her friend that although he is obsessed with the truth, he is himself, shrouded in mystery. How can Babi resist this enigma of a man?

Of course, the couple hook up, but things are not always what they seem, and as their relationship grows more intense, and more secrets and revelations are presented, it seems deadly danger is just around the corner.

A still from Burning Betrayal, based on the book by Sue Hecker.

Giovanna Lancellotti [right] and Leandro Lima [left] | via Netflix

Who is in Burning Betrayal?

The lead of the film Babi, is played by Giovanna Lancellotti, and Micael portrays her two-timing fiancé.

The “hot judge” that Babi ends up involved with after she finds out about the deception from her partner is played with relish by Leandro Lima.

Babi’s supporting cast includes Bruno Maontaleone as Thiago, and Paty, her best friend, is played by Camilla de Lucas.

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