Burning Betrayal Ending Explained – Does Babi die?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: October 25, 2023
Burning Betrayal Ending Explained | Netflix
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Burning Betrayal shows that people can’t be trusted. The erotic Netflix thriller certainly lives up to its title in that regard, weaving a tangled web of sexual self-discovery and danger on the way to a predictable, though faintly nonsensical ending. Let’s break it down.

This article contains major spoilers. 

Burning Betrayal Ending Explained

Babi has been betrayed, not only by her fiance but by her best friend Thiago as well. Thiago did seem a bit jealous of the relationship Babi had with Caio and he attempted to make his move on her when she was heartbroken. It just proves that some men will go to serious lengths when they are obsessed with someone, and Thiago is a prime example of that.

Who were Thiago and Caio working for?

We later find out that Thiago and Caio were working together but they didn’t realize that they were working for the top drug lord in the country. They were both in too deep to the point that Caio was badly beaten and returned to Thiago to ask for help.

It is a pretty predictable plot line because of what ends up happening with Babi. She had been betrayed over and over again until Marco did set things straight with her. His ex-wife even comes into the picture and he has to explain that she isn’t mentally stable and she still thinks they are married. Marco had a tough relationship with her and he doesn’t really know how to move forward with Babi. He has to explain everything and hopes she doesn’t leave him.

However, when this happens, Babi leaves and gets into a motorcycle accident. This is when the twist doesn’t make sense because it comes out of nowhere.

After the motorcycle accident, Thiago and Marco go to the hospital to see her. She is doing better and will be out in no time. We then see that Thiago goes to Caio and they have a little spat when it comes to Marco and Babi. Thiago wants to get rid of Babi and the evidence because now Babi is too close to the judge and will ruin their chances of getting off scot-free.

Who kidnaps Babi?

Once Babi is home, Thiago goes to her and has her kidnapped. He reveals everything — that he was her stalker and that he wanted her to himself. The obsession with her was there, which is so frightening. Thiago takes her out into the woods, beats her, and holds a gun to her face.

In the nick of time, Marco arrives with his own gun and tussles with Thiago, only for him to shoot Marco in the stomach. Babi truly thought she was about to die until one of the female officers shot Thiago in the back.

Does Babi die?

Babi survives and so does Marco. She goes off to live with him and they end the film with another sex scene showing that they genuinely love each other.

What is so hard to understand here is the departure from Caio. He is completely forgotten about and would have been necessary to the plan with Thiago which felt like a throwaway moment. They wanted to make the drama happen and it just didn’t work for this ending. Why would he want to kill her? Why wouldn’t Caio be more involved in Babi’s life with Marco? It just didn’t make sense to wedge it in there for shock value when Freitas could have built that up on the other side instead of focusing on the sexual nature of Marco and Babi’s relationship.

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