Invasion Season 2 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: October 25, 2023
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Invasion Season 2 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained


Just like the first season, Season 2 of Invasion is all setup and no payoff. This is a highly frustrating finale that once again features cliched dialogue and many predictable plot beats. The show teases an intriguing alien world, but it struggles to deliver the goods once more.

The finale of Apple TV+’s sci-fi epic Invasion Season 2 is finally here. In Episode 10, “Old Friends, New Frontiers,” the many separate subplots are all combined, as the military face off against the alien invaders. Mitsuki and Caspar work their telepathic magic to buy the military personnel crucial seconds so that they can enter the alien portal and fight the enemy inside the mothership. If you want to know how Invasion Season 2 ends, you’re in the right place.

Naturally, this article contains major spoilers.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The finale starts with Mitsuki, who has just traveled to the mothership herself, only in mind not body. She is under observation back in the Amazon facility after this telepathic journey. Mitsuki updates Maya on her findings, telling her about the mothership’s location. She now wants to learn how to control the alien portals.

Meanwhile, Trevante wanders around the military base back in Oklahoma. After finding the zombie-like abductees, he interrupts a confidential meeting between Benya, Caspar, and the General. Trevante is elated to see that Caspar is still alive and is happy to hear his friend’s voice again.

What is Benya’s plan?

Caspar has also visited the alien mothership and he explains his findings to Benya. The WDC and the military want to take down the mothership immediately from the inside. Trevante volunteers for the mission without hesitation, although Benya is against this, unable to trust in this stranger. Benya instead wants to send trained soldiers through the portal to the mothership.

Outside of the military base, the Movement members regroup. Clark and Luke are eager to formulate another plan, to re-enter the base to save Aneesha and Sarah right away. But the other Movement members aren’t interested in a second rescue mission. They decide to part ways. Clark, Ryder, and Luke will venture back to the base alone.

At the same time, Luke starts to sense the aliens growing nearer. He sees the cloaked alien entity moving across the sky, heading towards the base. Luke then hears the aliens’ voices and sees things from their point of view.

The General questions Aneesha about the shard. Aneesha admits that the alien artifact kept her family safe, but she doesn’t know how to use it. Only Luke seems to have a real connection with it, yet Aneesha doesn’t want her son to be involved in all this mess.

Why does the military follow Luke’s orders?

Luke soon realizes that this alien entity is in fact a portal to the alien’s mothership. He overhears the military talking about it. When the army surrounds him, Luke bursts out of the front door to warn them. The military is then attacked by a lone alien. Luke is able to fend it off with his own psychic powers. This show of strength impresses the military, and they then start to follow Luke’s orders.

The soldiers are led by Luke back to a nearby town. Luke senses the aliens approaching. A fight between the army and the aliens then follows. Luke and the special kids from France all join forces to telepathically fight the alien invaders. Trevante witnesses this battle and joins in as well, hurling grenades into the fray.

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Elsewhere, Mitsuki and Caspar instigate their own plan, attempting to telepathically control the alien portal, so that Benya’s soldiers can enter the mothership unharmed. The alien portal makes itself visible and confronts Luke immediately. Clark manages to drag Luke away before he is attacked.

Benya’s soldiers then start to enter the portal, which Mitsuki and Caspar have under control. They take with them the alien shard, sealed in a container. As they make their way inside the portal, Mitsuki loses control of it. The alien entity starts to fight back, spitting the soldiers out of the portal.

Mitsuki takes off her headset, telling Maya that she is going to tackle the alien on her own. She focuses all of her energy and is able to start controlling the portal once again. Trevante notices this change in the portal’s behavior and seizes his opportunity. He takes a dead soldier’s gear and heads towards the portal alone. The General offers him the alien shard before he enters.

Invasion Season 2 Ending Explained

Who enters the alien portal?

Trevante enters the portal alone and heads through to the other side. At that same moment, Mitsuki collapses and the portal disappears completely. On the other side, Trevante moves forward, inspecting the blue, pulsing walls around him. He presses the alien shard against these walls, experimenting with its powers and the effects of the two objects interacting with one another.

He is then interrupted by Caspar, who joins him inside the mothership. The series ends with Caspar asking Trevante if he is ready to continue the fight. They turn and walk toward the center of the mothership together, heading into the unknown.

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