The Claus Family 3 Ending Explained – Does Grandpa Noel save Christmas?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 9, 2023 (Last updated: November 13, 2023)
The Claus Family 3 Ending Explained
The Claus Family 3 | Image via Netflix

While the first two Claus Family movies center on the bond between young Santa Julius and his Grandpa Noel, The Claus Family 3 adds further complications to the plot when young Noor uncovers the family’s magical secret. Of course, in the film’s ending the fate of Christmas itself is at stake, as it always seems to be in movies like this, but it’s a long and incoherent journey to that point.

The movie starts with the family heading to an Austrian ski resort for their Christmas holiday. As Noor wants to be more involved in the yearly gift-giving, her brother would rather she stay out of it. Suzanne, however, is too busy planning the perfect proposal for her boyfriend, Jeff, to notice what her kids and Grandpa Noel are up to. 

A mistake leads to Grandpa Noel being arrested and imprisoned in Mexico. The siblings must work together to rescue him and save Christmas together. But first, Noor must retrieve the snow globe after another young hotel guest named Felix stole it from her. 

The Claus Family 3 Ending Explained

After retrieving the stolen globe from Felix, Noor decided to rescue Grandpa Noel from the Mexican prison all by herself. Instead of taking her inside the jail, the globe accidentally transports Noor and one of the elves to the top of the lighthouse.

As Noor is hanging on for dear life, the elf reaches the globe, beams herself back to the hotel, and tells Jules his sister is in danger. The boy gets to the lighthouse in time to save his little sister. 

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The two siblings embrace and agree to share the Santa Claus responsibility from now on, before beaming themselves inside the prison to find Noel. The two siblings overhear guards mocking the strange inmate claiming to be Santa and find their grandpa in solitary confinement. 

How do Jules and Noor save Grandpa Noel?

To save him, Jules and Noor go to the North Pole, where they grab candy canes to throw at the other inmates and distract the guards. After opening Noel’s cell and locking themselves in it, the trio uses the globe to magically disappear right in front of a confused prison guard. 

After arriving at the hotel, Noor remembers she locked poor Felix in the cabin at the top of the mountain. Angered, Felix grabs the snow globe and tries running away but nearly falls off the mountain. 

Luckily, Noor and Julius manage to pull him back to safety but are unable to retrieve the magical globe. 

Back at the hotel, Julius shares a touching moment with his mother and suggests she propose to Jeff over dinner with the rest of the family present. She can’t find the ring, but Julius encourages her to go through with her proposal without it. 

During dinner, Jeff is surprised to find the ring hidden in one of the dishes. Julius admits to putting it there because he wants to ensure Suzanne won’t chicken out of asking Jeff to marry her.

Not only does Jeff accept to marry Suzanne, but reveals he was also planning on proposing to her. 

The following day, Felix decides against competing in the ski championship and instead chooses to go down the slope with his new friend, Noor. 

Does Grandpa Noel retrieve the snow globe in time to save Christmas?

Julius apologized to Grandpa Noel for trying to exclude his sister from the family secret and blamed himself for losing the snow globe. But Noel pulls the globe from his pocket and reveals he had two elves to rescue it from the top of the mountain. 

The movie ends with Julius, Noor, and Grandpa Noel on their way to deliver Christmas presents. 

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