Good Morning, Veronica Season 4 Will Not Be Happening

By Louie Fecou
Published: February 15, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Good Morning, Veronica Cancelled By Netflix, Will Not Return for Season 4
Good Morning, Veronica, | Image via Netflix

Good Morning, Veronica has dropped a third season on Netflix, much to the delight of fans who have followed the character so far, but Season 3 will be the final outing and Season 4 will not be happening. Despite the ending suggesting that Veronica had formed a team of avenging angel vigilantes dedicated to taking out evildoers, viewers will be left to imagine those exploits in lieu of an official continuation.

Has Good Morning, Veronica Been Cancelled for Season 4?

Netflix has stated that the third season will also be the final season of Good Morning, Veronica, so yes it has been canceled and will not be renewed for Season 4. Of course, history has told us that just because a show is canceled doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Who knows, if the demand is there, then perhaps we could even get a movie or other Veronica Torres spin-off?

Over the course of the three seasons, Veronica exposes a missionary group that has an evil side-line in human trafficking. The show slowly allows the viewer into the dark underworld of a terrible industry, and in Season 3, we become privy to the horrors perpetrated by Monsignor Davila.

These exploits provide an insight into the activities of Claudio and Matias, the two brothers who become disciples of the Monsignor. Veronica’s connection to the plot is also revealed, with her being a child who was sold through the Order of Faith’s human trafficking operation.

Season 3 introduces Doum, otherwise known as Jeronimo Soares, and his mother Diana. They are right at the center of the conspiracy and are creepily trying to preserve a bloodline through incestuous means.

Timeline of Season Releases

Good Morning, Verônica premiered on October 1, 2020, and was a hit for Netflix. On the back of this, Season 2 was commissioned, and by August 3rd, 2022, was available to stream.

With the showrunners aware that although the third season was greenlit it would serve as the show’s swansong, the third series dropped on February 14th, 2024, bringing the story to an end.

The first season comprised eight episodes, the second season had six, and the third reduced the count to three.

Are there any spin-off rumors?

Just now things are quiet about the future of Veronica, but there does seem to be a fan base for the character, and we might as well get the ball rolling and suggest to Netflix that a film featuring the cast would be a great idea. With the right script, it would be easier to make a film version than another series, and it could take place after the end of the third season, keeping the same cast and crew.


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