Queen of Tears Episode 11 Builds To A Dramatic Conclusion

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 14, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Queen of Tears Episode 11 Recap
Queen of Tears | Image via Netflix


Each episode still feels overlong, but Queen of Tears will only continue to build popularity after another outing filled with family drama and last-minute danger.

I know I keep going on about it, but these episodes are just too long. I’m preaching to the choir since Queen of Tears is shaping up to be one of the most popular K-Dramas of recent times if the viewership figures are anything to go by. But I can’t help but feel like every installment, Episode 11 included, would benefit from just being a little tighter.

Still, the plot’s at an interesting juncture now, with Hae-in’s illness public and her and Hyun-woo’s respective families learning of it and blaming themselves for it.

There’s also the looming specter of mortality casting a longer and longer shadow over proceedings. I’ve thought since the beginning that what we’re inevitably building towards here is a brutally emotional finale, and there’s no reason to think otherwise yet.

Hae-in’s Mortality Looms Large

Hae-in is feeling this too, fretting about passing away before she can tell Hyun-woo that she still loves him. Conversely, Hae-in’s mother understandably feels like her constant antagonism towards Hae-in probably hasn’t helped matters.

Luckily, waking up after her latest episode, Hae-in is able to tell Hyun-woo how she feels. It’s a nice moment, but you can imagine how it’ll have terribly emotional repercussions down the line. However, the more interesting stuff is between Hae-in and her mother, who won’t even come into the room at first because she’s so ashamed.

There’s a case to be made that Hae-in essentially absolving her mother of responsibility is a bit too neat and tidy. Sure, she’s right in a medical context, but her mother has been awful, whether she had her (perceived) reasons or not.

Hae-in’s condition and marital status are also spreading like wildfire through the public, though for the most part, people do seem to be on her side (helped along by threats of litigation from Hyun-woo). Of course, one person in particular asks bizarre around the news, and that’s of course Eun-sung.

Hyun-woo Gets The Upper Hand on Eun-sung

To be fair though, Eun-sung does finally get some comeuppance in Episode 11, with Hyun-woo shoving him against a wall and socking him in the mouth for his bizarre behavior. Those boxing credentials continue to come in handy.

Eun-woo also has business concerns, since things aren’t going well in that regard following the news either. He’s still trying to pin the embezzlement on Hyun-woo, but the legalities are complex so he quickly graduates to ordering him killed instead.

The Missing Money

The Chairman is awake, by the way, but is very unstable and doesn’t recognize anyone. Seul-hee is his caregiver and the sole executor of his considerable assets, which is important since Eun-sung and Hyun-woo are both searching for a fortune that the Chairman squirreled away in Malaysian shell companies.

Nobody seems to know where this cash is, but everyone wants it, perhaps especially Seul-hee, who as executor can claim it. Working with Grace, Hyun-woo thinks he has tracked the money to a warehouse in Korea.

Queen of Tears Episode 11 Has A Dramatic Ending

Episode 11 of Queen of Tears ends with some major drama, with a hallucinating Hae-in believing she’s in a car chase with Hyun-woo. Blocked in by their pursuer, Hae-in is shocked to see Hyun-woo emerge from the other car.

Yes, she was imagining things the wrong way around. She was really in the car with Eun-sung. The episode ends with her screaming out for Hyun-woo as Eun-sung locks her in.


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