Invasion Season 2, Episode 5 Recap – Who Kidnapped Sarah?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 20, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Invasion Season 2, Episode 5 - A Voice From the Other Side
Invasion Season 2 (Credit - Apple TV+)




Mitsuki’s subplot is the most encouraging of the lot, with some inventive camera work and spectacular special effects work on full display. That being said, the other subplots are still rather dull in comparison, with Trevante and the Maliks’ storylines feeling like nothing but filler at this point.

Episode 5, “A Voice From the Other Side,” is the halfway point of Invasion season 2. In this installment, Mitsuki continues to communicate with the alien entity, breaking new ground for the human race. In the other subplots, Aneesha searches for her missing daughter, and Trevante follows new clues back in Oklahoma.

Who kidnapped Sarah?

After their victory over the aliens, Aneesah’s daughter Sarah was tragically abducted. With the Movement’s help, they search for the missing girl. It soon becomes apparent that Sarah was taken by the military. Is this kidnapping possibly just a ploy to get the alien weapon from Aneesha?

The Movement heads back to base to regroup. They are informed that a military convoy was spotted heading South. This leads straight to one of their military bases. The team decides to follow the convoy in the hopes of finding Sarah.

Before embarking on this mission, Luke lets slip his theory about the government pursuing the family for the alien weapon that they still possess. The Movement members then confront Aneesha about her secret identity, and all the lies come tumbling out.

Clark covers for her, though, protecting the Malik family in the process. He lies, saying that he was aware of Aneesha’s secrets from the start.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, Nikhil chats with Benya. The government is now aware of these evolved alien species, which they are calling Hunter-killers. It seems Mitsuki’s strategy has backfired terribly, only making matters worse for mankind.

The aliens were attacked and have since adapted, retaliating with stronger soldiers who cannot be as easily killed.

Invasion Season 2 (Credit – Apple TV+)

Mitsuki’s latest plan

Mitsuki promises that she can make a difference. She then starts to hear clicking noises in her head. The aliens are trying to communicate with her. Mitsuki proposes that they cause the alien entity pain to provoke it into showing its true self.

She heads back into the alien room to run tests on the creature. Using some techno mumbo-jumbo that goes way over my head, Mitsuki is able to cause the alien great pain. You can see its distress as the translucent blob starts to convulse wildly and turn red.

How does the alien react to pain?

Nikhil orders his team to record the data from this convulsion, and then the alien lets out an almighty, ear-piercing scream. The alien speaks to Mitsuki, telling her that it is in pain, begging for the experiment to be stopped. Then, it transforms into the image of a child, someone that Mitsuki recognizes from her past.

In the final subplot, Trevante hides out at Rose’s house. Having escaped from his prison cell, Trevante wants to follow Caspar’s clues, hoping to unlock the alien’s secrets and weaknesses in the process.

One of the drawings looks like a scarecrow, and Rose knows the exact location of this figure.

They head to Martin’s farm, to the very spot where his boy was last seen before going missing. Above the scarecrow, the birds fly in the pattern of a figure eight. The alien species appear to be spying on Trevante and Rose from above as the humans investigate the site.

Trevante finds Martin’s gun, and then together, they find Martin sitting on his porch. The shell-shocked farmer repeats the word Wajo over and over again. Rose asks where his wife Lisa is, but Martin is still in shock. He then replies, saying that she was taken by the aliens. Martin remembers seeing Billy there, too.

Invasion Season 2, Episode 5

Invasion Season 2, Episode 5 (Credit – Apple TV+)

Next, the army arrives to take Martin away. Trevante and Rose hide in the crops, witnessing this rather strange turn of events. Trevante asks who Billy is, and Rose breaks down crying.

Was he Rose’s son or a family member who has since disappeared as well?

The episode concludes with Mitsuki’s story once again. She turns off the signal that causes the alien pain, and it, in turn, thanks her. The alien, now in the form of a young girl, talks of shared memories with Mitsuki. Then, it asks why the humans are in conflict with them.

Mitsuki talks about the human race defending their own planet. The alien doesn’t seem to understand this reasoning, though. It turns back into its liquid form. Mitsuki then hears Hinata’s voice. She touches the blob, and David Bowie’s Space Oddity begins to play again.

The alien is producing the music this time, though, and it then surrounds Mitsuki, engulfing her entirely. She sees a spiraling gateway that leads towards a shadowy figure, and a human voice speaks to her. Mitsuki moves towards this tunnel, but she is pulled back at the last second.

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