Is Norma Going To Kill Maxine In Palm Royale Episode 8?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 17, 2024
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Palm Royale Episode 8 Preview
Palm Royale | Image via Apple TV+


The latest episode of Palm Royale was incredibly eventful and raised all types of interesting questions for Episode 8 and beyond. With only three installments left in the season, the stakes are getting mighty high for everyone, but especially for Maxine, who just took the bold step of ruining Robert’s happily-ever-after to get Douglas off the hook for the development scam.

Here’s what I think might happen in the next episode and the remainder of the season, just for some speculative fun.

Norma (Probably) Isn’t Going To Kill Maxine

In Episode 7 there were some pretty obvious suggestions that Norma intends to kill Maxine with the revolver she’s carrying around in her purse, however, I think this is a red herring.

Since the show so obviously wants us to think this is going to happen, I’m led to believe it won’t. It also makes sense given Norma’s communication issues for her true intentions to be revealed later, as a surprise. Killing Maxine seems a little too obvious.

This does raise the question of who she actually wants to kill, though. I don’t have any concrete theories by now, since it could realistically be anyone, but I do predict that at least one of the core cast will catch a bullet before season’s end.

Robert Will Find Out Maxine Ratted Out the Prince

After turning the conman Prince of Luxembourg in to the authorities, Maxine didn’t reveal the truth of what happened and allowed Robert to believe he had been stood up. Pretty soon, Robert is going to find out about this and it will greatly impact his relationship with Max.

You could argue that given the Prince was really a criminal, Max was doing Robert a favor, but it’s very unlikely he will see things that way. Since Robert is Maxine’s only true ally in Palm Beach, this could very well prove to be her undoing in one way or another.

I Still Think Mitzi Has Been Sleeping With Douglas

There were more clues in Episode 7 that Mitzi was up to something with Douglas. I do expect this to be revealed down the line, and it’ll be another crushing blow for Maxine since Mitzi is one of the few people she has relied on throughout the season.

I suspect this will also be a component in Douglas’s transition to out-and-out villain. Speaking of which…

Douglas Will Team Up With Evelyn To Set Linda Up For Murder

At Skeet’s funeral, Evelyn implied that since there is no statute of limitations on murder and the gunshot on his wedding night was the roundabout cause of Skeet’s death, she intends to bring the person who shot him to justice.

It’s not exactly common knowledge in Palm Beach that it was Linda who shot Skeet. However, the audience has been privy to it for a while. Evelyn and Douglas were the only witnesses to what really happened, and Evelyn implied to Douglas towards the end of the latest episode that if they corroborate each other’s stories, it’s as good as fact.

Since Linda has just inherited Skeet’s entire estate, there is plenty of justification for this team-up. Plus we know what both of them are like.

Palm Royale Episode 8 Release Date and Where to Watch

Episode 8 of Palm Royale is scheduled to be released on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. The release time is 3 AM EST. Episode 8 is titled “Maxine Saves A Whale” and will have a runtime of 52 minutes.

Viewers worldwide can catch Palm Royale exclusively on Apple TV+.

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