‘Sugar’ Episode 4 Might Have Revealed Where Olivia Is

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 19, 2024
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Sugar Episode 4 Recap - We Know Where Olivia Is
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Sugar continues to dole out revelations at an alarming rate, raising some intriguing questions about where the back half of the season might end up going.

Continuing the rocket-fuelled pace of Episode 3, Episode 4 of Sugar reveals all kinds of unsavory things. We now know what Davy has been up to – although we could have guessed already – and we potentially know where Olivia is, though it hasn’t quite been confirmed.

This is an eight-episode season, so to be this deep into the plot by the midway point only raises more questions about where things may be headed long-term. Ruby, for instance, is barely in this episode, and thus whatever group she and Sugar belong to remains unexplored – for now.

I tell a lie, actually – Ruby does crop up to try and dissuade Sugar from continuing on with the case by acting like he’s chasing dead ends instead of legitimate leads. Sugar also sees Vickers, finally, and gets an ostensibly clean bill of health, but whatever mysterious ailment has been troubling him thus far continues to do so, so it’s hard to tell what this is about right now.

Davy Is A Serial Abuser of Women

Anyway, let’s get into the meat. With Ruby dragging her feet, Sugar once again teams up with Melanie, who has recalled an important lead. A few weeks ago, she had a lunch date planned with Olivia, who bowed out at the last minute only to be later spotted by Melanie having lunch with another young woman.

Sugar and Melanie ask around until they find someone – a fan of Melanie’s music, coincidentally – who recalls Olivia. It turns out she was having lunch with a woman named Taylor, a friend of Olivia’s who was also an aspiring actor. Taylor’s reluctant to talk at first, but she offers the two of them five minutes in which she manages to reveal some devastating allegations about Davy.

As predicted, Davy has a thing for women. And since he’s part of the most influential family in town, his predilection for the opposite sex has gotten him into serious trouble. He has been reliably blackmailing young actresses into sex and making them sign NDAs to keep them quiet. He tried the same technique with Taylor, but she wouldn’t play ball, despite David having secretly recorded the two of them having sex when they met by chance years prior.

The authorities, given the power of Davy’s surname, weren’t interested. But Olivia was, since she already knew what Davy was up to. Taylor was the latest in a long list.

What Does Margit Know?

Armed with this information, Sugar calls up Jonathan Siegel, who arranges to meet him at a screening of the first movie he produced with the actress who became his wife of several years. There, Sugar meets Davy’s biological mother Margit for the first time.

Now, Margit clearly knows what Davy is up to and couldn’t care less; she’s only interested in his movie career, it seems. It was also her who sent Davy and Kenny to Sugar’s mom’s house to dig up more information about him, but it was revealed earlier in the episode that he was already anticipating that particular move and that the woman Davy and Kenny met with was just a plant.

Either way, Margit’s one to watch.

Davy’s Crimes Make the News

In the meantime, Sugar spots Melanie at the event. From a distance, he watches her interactions with Bernie, with whom she seems to have quite a serious argument. However, at this point, it isn’t clear what she knows or what she’s up to.

Sugar attends the screening without getting to the bottom of the matter and stays for a Q&A with Jonathan at the end, but it’s interrupted by everyone in attendance getting breaking news alerts on their phone. Davy has been outed as a sexual predator and is all over the headlines. We don’t know who leaked the story yet, but we do know that it’s going to cause major problems for his family.

Why Was Rachel Wearing That Dress?

The first is that it gives Jonathan a heart attack. Was that the news, though? Or did something else happen to Jonathan, perhaps a more targeted attack? Unclear for now. He remains alive, though in critical condition. If it was an attempt on his life, his survival will only mean another is soon to follow.

Following the screening, Sugar makes a connection he probably should have made earlier – in the nude photos of Rachel Kaye, she’s wearing the same dress that the actress – Jonathan’s ex-wife – wore in the movie everyone just watched. What’s going on there?

Sugar Episode 4 Possibly Reveals Where Olivia Is

Sugar Episode 4 ends with a very strong suggestion that Olivia is being held in Stallings’s basement.

When the news breaks about Davy, Stallings calls him full of faux concern, but he’s mostly just warning him to keep his mouth shut. Davy clearly has some kind of illicit connection to Stallings that the latter would like to remain a secret. But what?

Odds are it involves women who, like Olivia, are missing. This implication comes from a box that Stallings has in his home containing a bunch of women’s jewellery. Among the trinkets is the necklace Olivia was wearing during her social media videos. A last lingering look at the basement door implies she’s down there, though what condition she’s in remains to be seen.

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