Who is Hannah Brooke from Too Hot To Handle Season 5?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
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Who is Hannah Brooke from Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Who is Hannah Brooke from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular Netflix reality series.

It’s hard to believe that Too Hot To Handle has been on Netflix for five seasons and going strong. Each season has offered even more drama with a hotter group of singles.

The show revolves around a group of adults who are controlled by a traffic cone-shaped virtual assistant named Lana. The rules are that you can’t engage in intimate moments with other housemates, or they will lose money from the jackpot.

The concept of the series is something that works with those who don’t know how to stay committed in a long-lasting relationship. So to see how fast these individuals change their minds is quite entertaining. But the long-term goal is who can keep everything locked up to get the jackpot in the end?

In this season, we meet Hannah Brooke, who is a jane of all trades. She has proven to herself and her Instagram followers that she can do anything.

It’s hard to cover all the bases, but she manages to do it effortlessly. You can’t really label her an influencer because she does have her own business as a trainer.

Who is Hannah Brooke from Too Hot To Handle Season 5?

In Hannah Brooke’s Instagram bio, she says she is a singer, actor, and model. She has been able to do it all and be good at what she does. She covers all aspects of entertainment, and now doing this reality show is the next step for her to sell her brand further.

It’s interesting to see where people have started and how Hannah has been able to expand her line of work. She has perfected her fitness app and can double as a model to drive new clients to that app.

It’s not so much dieting but more about how to stay fit. This is important to note, given the number of people who follow her and her influence.

Where is Hannah Brooke from?

Hannah Brooke is from Los Angeles, California. She is the California girl. If you’ve ever thought about what a California girl would be like, she fits the bill. She’s blonde, fit, and keeps herself busy in LA.

The popularity in LA is on another level because the weather is always gorgeous, so taking pictures for Instagram and promoting yourself is much easier.

What does Hannah Brooke do for work?

Hannah developed her own fitness app in August of 2022. She has always been into fitness and was even a personal trainer. She is highly athletic and knows how to stay in shape. She grew up loving sports, and it quickly became part of her fitness journey into adulthood.

The fact that she developed a fitness app only a year ago and is doing well for herself says a lot about how online social platforms can generate traffic. An app goes a long way, and the idea plants itself in the mind of others. As long as you have an audience and you have a likeness, anything is possible in this day and age.

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