Who is Yazmin Marziali from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
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Who is Yazmin Marziali from Too Hot to Handle Season 5

Who is Yazmin Marziali from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular Netflix reality series.

When it comes to reality television, Too Hot to Handle continues to surpass expectations in terms of its blazing-hot content. Just watch popular episodes like “It’s Raining Love Triangles,” “Sisters Over Misters,” and “The Summer of ’69,” and you’ll understand immediately.

Our resident reality television critic and expert, Ricky Valero, said this about Too Hot to Handle: “…shows no signs of slowing down with another strong season that features some wild and crazy singles ready to risk it all.” I couldn’t agree more after watching a preview of the upcoming fifth season.

Here is the Netflix synopsis of the upcoming fifth season of Too Hot To Handle:

“A cast of ten hot singles think they are retreating to a lavish yacht in the Caribbean and competing on a new dating show, ‘Love Overboard’, hosted by a handsome and mysterious captain. Little do they know that Too Hot to Handle is back for a fifth season and Lana is ready to put their romantic connections to the test.”

Now, let’s look closer at one of the latest contestants from the new season and find out who Yazmin Marziali is.

Who is Yazmin Marziali from Too Hot to Handle?

Yazmin Marziali is a 25-years old and a “bottle girl” from Montevideo, Uruguay.

According to Netflix, Yazmin is described as:

“This bottle girl knows how to command attention and isn’t afraid of stepping on other people’s toes to get herself the man she wants! This fiery, passionate and dramatic Latina from Uruguay is sure to turn a lot of heads in the retreat. She’s known to pull out all the stops to make sure all eyes are on her and this wild child is sure to put Lana through the ringer.”

Currently, Yazmin is building a brand on social media. She has a verified account on Instagram (@yazminmarziali) and twenty-six thousand followers on Instagram. In her bio, Yazmin describes herself as “I’m a part-time party girl and a full-time drama queen.”

Where is Yazmin Marziali from?

As mentioned earlier, Yazmin Marziali is originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, but currently resides in Toronto, Canada. However, based on her Instagram profile, it seems that Yazmin has been enjoying the vibrant hotspots of Miami, Florida.

She has shared pictures of her visits to popular and posh restaurants like Nobu, Gianni’s at The Villa, and Ruby Soho.

What does Yazmin Marziali do for work?

In addition to being an up-and-coming social media star, Yazmin Marziali also works as a “bottle girl.” The VIP waitress is responsible for A bottle girl involves keeping high-profile customers.

This consists of catering to discerning customers at exclusive clubs and upscale venues with access to premium and luxurious liquor bottles.

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