Who is Christine Obanor from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

By Kieran Burt
Published: July 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
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Who is Christine Obanor from Too Hot to Handle Season 5

Who is Christine Obanor from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? We discuss a contestant from the popular and hot Netflix reality series.

Netflix’s sexy series, Too Hot to Handle, has returned to the streaming platform for a fifth time, roping in another group of horny hot people into their game of abstinence.

This batch of contestants have unknowingly signed up for several weeks of hanging out with one another and not being intimate with each other. If they break this, even for a cheeky kiss, they will be outed by the ever-present (and slightly dystopic) robot Lana, who will remove some cash from the prize money the contestants win at the end.

One of the newcomers, Christine Obanor, has caught people’s eyes, a self-described “Goddess” due to her high height. But who is she, where is she from, and what does she do for a living?

Who is Christine Obanor from Too Hot to Handle?

Christine Obanor, 26, is a fashion model from the USA and was born on April 20, 1997. She’s part of the Too Hot to Handle season five cast and has listed herself as a “Houston Hottie” and “I’m the girl every man wants but can’t have” on her Instagram. Obanor is very proud of her height, calling herself a “6’1 Goddess with long legs for days”.

She is very active on TikTok and Instagram. On Instagram, her username is @christineobanor, and she has over 38,00 followers at the time of writing, posting pictures of herself modeling.

On TikTok, her username is @christineobanor, and she posts videos of herself applying makeup, fashion, and haircare videos, talking about her career, chatting about mental health, and posting about her daily life. She has 3,433 followers at the time of writing and over 67,400 thousand likes.

Where is Christine Obanor from?

Obanor was born in Texas and has recently moved to Los Angeles. She’s part of an African-American family but has kept much about her family out of the public eye, as she hasn’t shared anything about her loved ones or childhood. But her cultural heritage and historical roots hold a significant meaning to Obanor, as shown by her TikTok.

In 2015, she enrolled at the University of North Texas to study for a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a double minor in Business plus Marketing, which was completed in 2019.

What does Christine Obanor do for work?

Obanor has previously modeled for Anthony Hamdan Djendeli, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer, and has had some great opportunities like public projects and brand deals. She isn’t currently working for an agency but will likely do so again.

After she finished her university course, she completed an internship at Bdonnas Closet, a women’s clothes shop, for five months. Afterward, she worked part-time as a Fashion Stylist at the personal styling company Strich Gix for seven months in 2021. In September 2020, she launched her own nail salon called Beautifaux Nails.

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