Who is Isaac Francis from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
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Who is Isaac Francis from Too Hot to Handle Season 5

Who is Isaac Francis from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? We discuss a contestant from the popular and hot Netflix reality series.

The popular Netflix reality series Too Hot To Handle debuted on July 14, 2023, in the fifth season. The series brings singles worldwide on a fake reality tv show only to reveal that they are on the popular Netflix show.

This time, Netflix had contestants thinking they were going on a show called Love Overboard.

They gathered the singles on this big yacht and told them there were only five beds on the boat and that they would have to sleep with someone, so the singles wasted no time getting hot and bothered with each other.

All of this led to the big reveal of them being on Too Hot To Handle, which of course, resulted in everyone freaking out as they went from being ready to have sex to not being able to in a snap of the fingers.

One of the contestants on the show is Isaac Francis. We share all the details about Isaac, including where he is from, his job, and where you can find him on social media.

Who is Isaac Francis from Too Hot to Handle?

Isaac is a 24-year-old banker living in New Jersey. On the show, Isaac seemed more laid back and chill compared to some of the other guys. He quickly found himself attracted to Courtney, and the two hit it off right away, leading to them sharing a bed on night one.

Isaac and Louis implemented a pact to break the rules together so that the group wouldn’t get mad at just one of the couples. The duo quickly convinced their partners Courtney and Hannah to join the pact, to which they broke the rules. The rest of the group wasn’t fond of the rule break or the pact they made.

While things were going well for Isaac and Courtney, Lana didn’t love that nobody was following her rules and introduced two new members to the cast who could pick any of the singles to go out on a date without any rules in place.

One of the new singles, Yazmin, picked Isaac to go on a date. Courtney wasn’t thrilled but had trusted Isaac to behave.

Isaac mentioned that he was a sucker for Latino girls, and that’s precisely what Yazmin was. It didn’t take much convincing from Yazmin to get Isaac to lean in and kiss her.

When they returned to the resort, Isaac put his arm around Yazmin, causing Courtney to get upset. While Isaac tried to explain things to Courtney, she wasn’t hearing it, and Yazmin and Isaac are bedmates now.

Where is Isaac Francis from?

Even though Isaac states he is from New Jersey, he was born in Manchester, but shortly after, his family moved to New Jersey.

What does Isaac Francis do for work?

Isaac Francis earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at The College of New Jersey. He is a Relationship Banker in Training at Chase Bank. On top of that, Isaac spends his free time doing some modeling. On his Instagram (@IsaacFranciss), he shared some shots from a photo shoot and announced that he had signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. 

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