‘In Good Hands 2’ Ending Explained: Does Firat Step Up As Father?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 23, 2024
for the movie In Good Hands 2 as part of Ending Explained analysis
Kaan Urgancioglu playing Firat for the movie In Good Hands 2 (Credit - Netflix)


By the time the final act of In Good Hands 2 arrives, Firat is a mixed bag of a character. On the one hand, he’s attempting to be a father to Can while pursuing a potential romance with Sezen, while on the other hand, he cannot keep his hands away from alcohol. The ending shows Firat overcoming his demons while also having important moments with Sezen. I must admit that if it were not for the third act, I’d have had a hard time respecting Firat purely because of his neglect of his child. 

Near the end of In Good Hands 2, Firat ruins all his progress, which involves embarrassing himself in front of his son. A birthday party goes awry, and Firat drunkenly fights another father. 

This is a wake-up call for Firat. After an open conversation with his mother, he realizes he has to step up, just like Melisa did, and become a good father. He also accepts that he cannot feel sorry for himself forever and that Sezen is worth pursuing a future with. 

But of course, he has to prove he’s that man first. He finds Sezen drinking again, so he stops her from throwing shots down her throat and recalls a time he saw her and her brother at the same bar, having a joyful time before his untimely death. It’s easy to forget that Sezen is also grieving in the movie and that she and Firat have far more to relate to than what first appears. 

Love interest Sezen (played by Melisa Pamuk) also have to grieve the loss of her brother for In Good Hands 2 (Credit – Netflix)

To step up as a father, Firat wants to heal wounds and help him and his son grieve the loss of Melisa. He sets up a presentation outside in the garden and calls it a “time machine.” The presentation shows memories, including photos of Melisa. Firat proves he can be a father here: he’s using his son’s belief in time machines to help with the grieving process. It shows maturity in the man, and it’s easier to respect him more after this. 

The ending of In Good Hands 2 shows common ground between Firat, his son Can, and his new love interest, Sezen. They’ve entered a new phase in their life, and while grieving over a dead loved one is an extremely long journey, they are finally making a mature beginning. I’m sure there are plenty of challenges ahead for Firat, but the second movie gives the audience plenty of confidence that he can step up to the plate. It’s less about romance, though I am sure Firat and Sezen will suit each other, and more about the grieving process. 


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