Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 Ends Exactly How You’d Think

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 1, 2024
Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 Ending Explained – You Guessed It
Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 | Image via Netflix


You could predict the ending of Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 based entirely on reading the premise. If you’ve ever seen a movie, you know where this is going. And yet could it be possible that there’s a bit more going on under the surface?

There isn’t, to be honest. But it’s decent fun to try and unpack these things anyway, so let’s do that.

Waldek Meets Krzysztof

The plot of Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 revolves largely around Waldek’s desire to reconnect with his biological father Krzysztof, who just so happens to live close to where he, Delfina, and Staszek are staying in the Tatra Mountains.

Waldi manages to track Krzysztof down fairly easily and discovers he’s a wealthy video game developer who lives like a Bond villain. And he acts like a villain, too. After spending two days pumping Waldi for ideas, he unveils his new project in a swanky presentation and takes all the credit for it, breaking Waldi’s heart.

However, this deception leads Waldi to some important revelations.

It Isn’t Meant To Be

Let’s stop for a minute to address what Krzysztof’s problem is. I wish there were some deeper meaning to explore here but frankly, he’s just awful without much reason.

Part of Waldi’s realization about life is that there are people like this everywhere; Krzysztof just happens to be his biological father. But he isn’t uniquely horrible to Waldi. It’s implied through dialogue that he gets other people to design all of his games and takes all the credit. He’s just a selfish, narcissistic careerist. We’ve all met one.

Needless to say, this isn’t easy for Waldi to accept, but on balance, it’s probably easier for him to accept than the alternative. He has to reckon with the idea that his dad doesn’t love him, but his dad doesn’t love anyone except himself.

A Fairy Tale Ending

What Waldek realizes, crucially, is that he doesn’t need Krzysztof. He already has his mother, his friends, and a surrogate father in Piotr. Sure, Piotr’s an idiot, but he’s well-intentioned, and he’s the first one there when Waldek needs support after Krzysztof’s betrayal.

Speaking of Piotr, yes, of course, he finally proposes to Teresa, and of course, she says yes. Too Old for Fairy Tales 2 has a happy ending in that regard. But I’m glad that it lived up to its title in the right way, allowing Waldek to realize – again! – that he’s much too old now to be believing in idyllic solutions to his problems.

However, he also realizes that sometimes the solution has been there all along. That’s an important lesson, and it’s a worthwhile one for a mediocre movie like this to have.

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