‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3 Shows Wendy’s Motherly Future

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 11, 2024 (Last updated: 2 days ago)
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What happened to Wendy in Sweet Tooth Season 3?
Wendy in Sweet Tooth | Image via Netflix


Wendy has always been a quiet and understated character in Sweet Tooth, but Season 3 is her chance to shine. As well as being instrumental in Gus’s efforts to cure the Sick, flashforwards in the season finale reveal that, in the future, she and Gus have hybrid children together, living long and happy lives in Yellowstone.

That future doesn’t come about without some serious effort in the series finale. Wendy’s own coming-of-age arc is intertwined with Gus’s, especially after losing Aimee in Sweet Tooth Season 2, so the final season is just as much about her as it is about Gus.

What happens to Wendy in Sweet Tooth Season 3?

At the start of Season 3, Wendy is with Gus, Big Man, and Bear as they make their way to Alaska in search of Birdie and a cure for the Sick. However, at the end of Episode 3 she and Bear are separated from the others. Bear is captured by Rosie Zhang, while Wendy remains hidden.

During Bear’s captivity, Wendy stays out of sight, and she eventually stows away with Zhang’s people when they set out for Alaska. Once there, Wendy reunites with the others and is instrumental in ensuring that Gus makes it to the cave and that the Sick is cured.

After curing the Sick and ensuring that the hybrids will inherit the Earth once the remaining humans die out, Wendy returns with the others to Yellowstone, where she lives out her days with Gus and the other hybrids.

Do Wendy and Gus get together?

In the Season 3 finale, flashforwards reveal Gus to be the show’s narrator. A grown-up version of Gus has been telling the story to a group of hybrid children, a generation after the events of the season.

In these brief scenes, it is clear that Gus and Wendy are together romantically, and that they have children. Wendy is instrumental in siring new hybrids who will help to create a new future ushered in by the death of mankind.

What happened to Wendy in Sweet Tooth Season 3?

Wendy in Sweet Tooth | Image via Netflix

Who plays Wendy in Sweet Tooth?

Wendy is played by Naledi Murray, who doesn’t have many credits in her young career outside of a few appearances in various TV shows, usually for a single episode. Wendy is her first major role, and will likely be a breakout one.

If nothing else, Sweet Tooth should be a star-making vehicle for several young stars, with the impressive cast having delivered very strong performances pretty much across the board.


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