Bridgerton Season 3, Episode 7: What Truth Does Cressida Learn About Lady Whistledown?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 13, 2024
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Cressida Cowper in Bridgerton Season 3, Episode 7 - Joining of Hands
Cressida Cowper (Jessica Madsen) in Bridgerton Season 3, Episode 7 - “Joining of Hands” (Credit - Netflix)




There’s plenty of drama in Episode 7, but Penelope’s character development reaches full circle, with a wedding day to reward viewers.

Penelope’s nightmare comes true in Season 3, Episode 6: Colin Bridgerton finds out that she is indeed Lady Whistledown, a dark secret that viewers have known about since the end of Season 1. He is understandably dismayed in Episode 7 by all of the things she’s said about the people he cares about — Miss Thompson, Eloise, and even himself. In anger, you can almost understand when he says he’ll never forgive her. Anyway, I’ll get into that, dearest reader, plus all the other main points in this recap.

The Whistledown Drama: Colin, Eloise and Cressida

Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) in Bridgerton Season 3 (Credit – Netflix)

It’s all heating up in the later stages of Bridgerton Season 3. Two Lady Whistledown issues are released: one by Penelope and the other by Cressida, confusing the town about who the real Whistledown is. In Cressida’s, she criticizes the Bridgerton family and the parentage; in Penelope’s, she makes the people aware she is being impersonated and exposes Cressida’s personal life. As the previous episodes suggest, it should be very apparent to Queen Charlotte that Cressida is not Lady Whistledown, but it’s still entertaining and a great development of the plot.

And Colin is not done with his fury in Episode 7: he angrily confronts Eloise, too, because he knows she already knows that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. Of course, he soon realizes he is being unfair. Eloise has been hurt by Penelope, too, and it could be that this moment is the first time Colin gets an alternative perspective on the situation rather than crying and getting angry about it.

The plot pivots to another motive: Colin wants Penelope to quit being Lady Whistledown, which is a reasonable request if you remove the progressive values around it. He wants a happy marriage, not a scrutinized one, but Penelope does not want to give up her voice, understandably.

Colin and Penelope’s Wedding

Colin and Penelope get married - Bridgertson Season 3, Episode 7

Colin and Penelope get married in Bridgerton Season 3, Episode 7 (Credit – Netflix)

After frequent rejections, low self-esteem, and all the Lady Whistledown drama, could we all agree that we never saw this day coming for Penelope and Colin? The story leans that way, but Pen had a momentous task in getting the love of her life to the altar.

Despite the drama, Colin still wishes to marry, as he’s a “man of honor,” knowing he’s been intimate with Penelope. The night before the wedding, Penelope apologizes to Colin for the damage she has done and says that she is trying to protect the people she loves. Colin is more concerned about the danger she’ll be in by leading a double life, leading Penelope to provide a strong expression of her love for him, causing them both to hook up in the middle of the street.

Marriage of convenience? Yeah, right.

When the wedding does arrive, despite the tension between them, you cannot help but feel happy for Penelope Featherington. The series has built this up for three seasons, and it’s paid off despite the bittersweetness it carries. Penelope looks like the most anxious and the most happy woman the world has ever seen. The two best friends, Colin and Penelope, officially marry despite the elephant in the room.

Penelope puts her anxiety aside and proceeds to her wife’s duties, asking Colin for a dance in the middle of the room. This seals off a period of this story that fans will be happy with.

Queen Charlotte Throws Accusations at the Bridgerton Family

The Queen has had the hump throughout the entirety of Season 3, but now she’s angry, and she wants to get the Lady Whistledown drama settled once and for all, bringing a fine performance from Golda Rosheuvel as she delivers venom in her words.

She arrives at the wedding breakfast and throws out all the guests, apart from the Bridgerton family. From here, she raises her strong suspicions that one of the Bridgerton family members is Lady Whistledown. Her suspicions are born from Cressida Cowper being so harsh about them in her Lady Whistledown issue. Francesca, misreading the situation, thinks that the secret is that she and Lord Kilmartin are engaged, but Charlotte does not care that they want to marry, giving them an indirect blessing.

No one confesses, and Penelope keeps quiet, but Colin makes it strongly known afterward that they’ll have an entirely different marriage if she does not give up her column, something Penelope is not willing to do.

Cressida Learns Who Lady Whistledown Is

Cressida (L) is desperate to not be sent away in Bridgerton Season 3 (Credit – Netflix)

There’s one thing that we can say about Cressida in Bridgerton Season 3 – she’s a nuisance. Feeling even more desperate, she scours the village printers in the hope she’ll land some information on Lady Whistledown. And she does when one of the printer store staff says that Lady Whistledown has red hair. Well, it’s not hard to narrow it down from here.

But despite all the drama in episode 7, viewers will clutch on to the fact that Penelope and Colin are married: that’s all that matters, and how they sort it out from here is a secondary story.

Lady Whistledown’s Telegram

Here are other notable points from a decent episode of Bridgerton:

  • Lady Arnold speaks to Benedict about her and Paul Suarez and explains their friendly and casual relationship. She also explains that Paul is bisexual. She offers him a throuple between them, sensing that Benedict is attracted to men too. Benedict accepts the offer.
  • Lady Anderson asks Lady Bridgerton if they can move their friendship into something more romantic.
  • Lord Anderson tells Lady Danbury that he had no idea that she was escaping from her father and had no intention of hurting her. He calls her resolute, courageous, and wishes he had stood up to their father.
  • Anthony tells Kate that he’d like to visit her town in India and prepare for their child’s birth there.

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