Recap: ‘Miss Night and Day’ Hints At A Shadowy Antagonist In Episode 5

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 29, 2024
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Miss Night and Day Episode 5 Recap - Has Mi-jin Been Exposed?
Miss Night and Day | Image via Netflix




Miss Night and Day continues to be great fun, and it’s steadily getting better as we approach the midway point.

Things are getting interesting in Episode 5 of Miss Night and Day, with secret antagonists lurking in the margins and the most fundamental secret of the narrative – Mi-jin’s body-switching – on the cusp of becoming public knowledge. While I’ve been singing the praises of this K-Drama since its first two episodes, it’s still a little surprising quite how well it’s working as we trundle along towards the halfway mark.

In case you’ve forgotten, Episode 4 ended with Mi-jin on the cusp of being harmed in the club VIP section after infiltrating to learn more about Fentanyl supply. That’s where Episode 5 picks up.

Making Excuses

Mi-jin is able to escape the lounge unharmed, though with precious little evidence to show for the risk that was taken. But a bigger problem might be the excuse she needs to make about where Im Sun went since it was the older woman who Ji-woong thought he was sending inside.

Mi-jin claims that Im Sun left with chest pains, and the following day, Ji-woong and Byung-duk think they might have been brought on by the intensity of the operation. This stands to reason, but there’s no way the ruse can hold up for long.

Ko Won Was Not the Target of the Acid Attack

With the footage from the club too blurry and indistinct to be useful, Ji-woong turns to the dashcam footage of the acid attack.

There’s an issue with this, as it shows the attacker going after Ko Won in a public place. As Ji-woong highlights, why would he do this when he had an opportunity to attack a secluded place? Well, the answer seems pretty obvious in that context. Ko Won wasn’t the intended target.

The acid attacker isn’t exactly forthcoming with information even in light of this new hypothesis and the threat of jail time, but we do learn that a prison guard works as an intermediary between him and a string-puller who quickly organizes his death.

How Does The Acid Attacker Die?

The man on the hook for the acid attack seems to die from a heart attack, though this is, of course, far too much of a coincidence to be believed.

Ji-woong and Byung-duk are told the next day by the medical practitioner of this death by seemingly natural causes, but we know that he was deliberately poisoned. Either way, Ji-woong keeps the news from Ko Won, who has been getting closer to Im Sun in the meantime. The news does eventually get to him through Im Sun, though, who is beginning to feel the emotional toll of being given PA duties by Ji-woong and Byung-duk to keep her out of the way with unnecessary work.

Is Mi-jin’s Secret Exposed?

Episode 5 of Miss Night and Day ends with Mi-jin getting drunk and accidentally ending up at Ji-woong’s apartment, the door of which is controlled by a security system that she shorts out while trying to get in. This backfires by trapping Mi-jin in the apartment when the sun’s coming up the next morning. Is Ji-woong about to learn her secret?

Also worthy of note, we learn in this episode that Ji-woong has been investigating the death of his mother for many years and still dreams about her murder. Will this become relevant soon? One expects it probably will, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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