Recap: Romance Comes to the Forefront In ‘Miss Night and Day’ Episode 6

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 30, 2024
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Miss Night and Day Episode 6 Recap - Love Is In The Air
Miss Night and Day | Image via Netflix




The romantic aspects of Miss Night and Day really come to the fore in Episode 6, promising interesting things for the leads in the back half of the season.

Miss Night and Day has been many things thus far, but perhaps a romance least of all. To be fair, it’s pretty difficult for love to blossom between a busy prosecutor and a lady who transforms into a middle-aged woman during the daytime, but Episode 6 suggests there’s more to come in this regard as we head into the back half of the season.

That cat has a lot to answer for. Although thinking about it, all cats have a lot to answer for.


Mi-Jin Gets To Keep Her Secret For Now

Episode 5 ended with a pretty big cliffhanger, in which it seemed very much like Ji-woong was about to catch Mi-jin transforming into Im Sun. This is where Episode 6 picks up, but she’s able to preserve her secret – for now.

It’s a close-run thing, though. She has to climb up to the apartment above, which is Ga-yeong’s, but she leaves her belongings behind in the rush. Ji-woong, trying to be helpful, delivers them to Ga-yeong’s apartment and finds Im Sun inexplicably there, so a lame excuse has to be offered.

And then there’s a half-hour call that seems to have happened between Mi-jin and Ji-woong that the former has no recollection of. This is not a tenable situation.

Ji-woong is starting to like Im Sun, at least, apologizing to her for treating her badly and appreciating her continued presence on his team. But she has other things to be dealing with – namely, that damn cat.

The Search For the Cat Leads Mi-Jin Into Trouble

Im Sun is in a rush to leave work on time for once because she wants to meet with someone who claims to have word about the cat she’s looking for. She gets the details from Ga-yeong and heads out to rendezvous with the elusive moggy… but discovers another issue.

Some kids are trying to extort Mi-jin for money, assuming that since the post about the cat was from an influencer’s account, she must have plenty of the stuff to spare. Mi-jin doesn’t want to pay up, the kids don’t want to leave empty-handed, so Ji-woong saves the day again.

Ji-woong and Mi-jin take the injured cat to a shelter and briefly discuss how much Mi-jin misses her aunt, who had some sage advice about felines. Ji-woong also notices that the kids were wearing familiar drug patches, so wants to interrogate them.

Things Are Developing Between Ji-woong and Mi-jin

Ji-woong is aided by Mi-jin/Im Sun in getting to the bottom of the patches. The kids seem to have been paid with them by a deliveryman who is trying to impress a gamer girl. Mi-jin facilitates a meeting with the girl in the hopes of entrapping the deliveryman and thus the dealer.

But there are sparks flying between Mi-jin and Ji-woong, who later recounts some of their moments from the night before. He’s kind, he’s respectful, and he’s clearly into our lead. But will he continue to be once he learns the truth?

I mean, this is a K-Drama, so we already know the answer, but it’s worth asking the question.

Chicken Leg to the Rescue

At the end of Miss Night and Day Episode 6, Ji-woong meets with the gamer girl, a chicken shop date that is pulling double-duty as a surveillance operation in the hopes of tracking down the drug dealer.

At one point, Im Sun spots the girl drugging Ji-woong’s drink, so she rushes to intervene. She transforms into Mi-jin, since the hours have been ticking by, and lobs a chicken leg in Ji-woong’s face to try and ensure he doesn’t drink the spiked beer.

That’s one way to do it.

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