‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3, Episode 3 Explained: Why Does Freydis Plan To Leave Jomsborg?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 11, 2024
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Leif in Vikings: Valhalla Season 3, Episode 3 - Lost Image for Recap and Explained
Leif is feeling guilt over the Syracuse horror in 'Vikings: Valhalla' Season 3, Episode 3 - "Lost" (Credit - Netflix)




Episode 3 feels like a transitory chapter, considering the first two were full of action, which slightly dampens the story.

There’s plenty to mull over in Vikings: Valhalla Season 3, Episode 3, as the lead characters hit a turning point. The action has calmed, and there’s plenty more room for conversation as the writers plot a path for the rest of the final season. “Lost” sees Leif horrified by what happened in Syracuse, Leif tempted by Empress Zoe, King Canute facing Emma’s children in Normandy, and Godwin finding a new lease of life in Denmark.

But the most compelling storyline is Freydis and her plight in Jomsborg. I suspected that darkness was coming to her community in Episode 2. It was far too ideal.

Anyway, I’ve broken down and analyzed the key points of Episode 3 in a digestible recap.

Byzantine Army returns to Constantinople, Leif feels guilt over Syracuse’s horror, and the horny Empress Zoe tempts Harald

Leif and Harald return to Constantinople and are met with celebrations for the victory in Sicily in ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3, Episode 3 (Credit – Netflix)

Harald and Leif are formidable warriors but have opposing views on life. Harald wants to conquer and acquire enough riches and power to be a generational ruler. Leif wants knowledge, as he understands that with knowledge comes power. But as the episode title suggests, these characters are a little lost.

The Byzantine Army receives a hero’s welcome in Constantinople as it celebrates its victory in Sicily. George Maniakes (who planned the slaughter of the people in Syracuse) and Harald are rewarded with the highest honor of imperial warriors, the Spatharokandidatos.

But the story turns strange rather quickly. Harald is taken to the Emperor’s secret vault, and Romanos tells him he can take any treasure he wishes — the vault holds riches from many conquests. However, Empress Zoe has other ideas and tells Harald he can take whatever he wants and grants him a gold key.

And Leif is struggling with the horrors he witnessed in Syracuse, knowing his knowledge was the reason it happened. George Maniakes saw his chemical elements and used them for a horrific war crime against the people. Harald does not want Leif to leave by his side, but Leif has a different journey planned for himself. In my opinion, he feels like acquiring knowledge is not good enough; he needs to find a way to gain knowledge without hurting others. Leif leaves, putting together a new subplot.

Despite Harald’s ambitions to be the King of Norway, his feelings and lust for Empress Zoe are far too much for him. He uses the key, which is for a door to a private beach cove. There, the naked Empress Zoe waits for him, and she tells him not to go back to Norway but to “take it.” I don’t blame Harald for giving in at all.

Queen Emma fears her children

Time is a beautiful thing, and it appears it’s changed a lot for Emma and her children. So when King Canute and Queen Emma visit Bayeux Castle in Normandy, they face a new dynamic. Queen Emma admits that she senses resentment from her son Edward for leaving him and marrying Canute, which benefits her. King Canute reminds Emma that their decisions protected her children.

However, Emma’s feelings do not change the minds of her children, as William, Edward, and Alfred make a blood pact to take back what is theirs when the time is right. I suppose if the only thing available to you in life is royal succession, you have one ambition.

Godwin feels alive again as he visits Denmark amidst Midsumor celebrations

Gytha in Vikings: Valhalla Season 3, Episode 3 Image

Gytha was nearly kidnapped in ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3, Episode 3 (Credit – Netflix)

At the end of Season 2, Godwin was a shadow of his former self and withered more in Season 3. However, a visit to Denmark, which includes seeing his wife Gytha, brings a different side to him. It could be the sex, or it could be that he had to fight to save his life from an attack, which pumped adrenaline through his body.

When Godwin arrives in Denmark, Forkbeard is not there, but Prince Harald Harefoot, King Canute’s son, is. He’s also naked, and he could not care less. He tells Godwin that despite the many successors in line, he wants to be the next King of England, which Godwin scoffs at.

But then the Midsumor festival of celebrations is attacked, and Gytha is kidnapped, albeit briefly, and Godwin looks like a new man as he senses a union between him and the people. Maybe he’s tired of being Canute’s bitch, but something changed in him when he managed to defeat the attackers.

Freydis plans to leave Jomsborg

Freydis in Vikings: Valhalla Season 3, Episode 3 Image

Freydis knows her time with her people in Jomsborg is ending in ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3 (Credit – Netflix)

It’s been coming, but the downfall of Jomsborg has been projected. It doesn’t help that Christian forces surround the land and that Freydis’ army has been dwindled by a poison attack.

Freydis and her people figure out that the poisoned flour came from Kattegat, but they are unsure who it came from. Freydis blames herself for not seeing the attack coming, as she is “The Chosen One.” Stigr recommends that she take her people to Greenland and hope for better pastures.

As the episode ends, Freydis sees Magnus Haraldsson arrive with a fleet. She knows her people cannot fight Magnus and his men, but she recognizes that he only brought a small fleet, knowing how weak her situation is. She tells her people they will leave Jomsborg, but she obviously has a plan up her sleeve.

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