Sex Education Season 2

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Season 2 carries on immediately after Season 1 with teenagers high on their hormones, seeking to discover themselves and sort out the next phase of their lives. Season 1 was one of the most-watched series on Netflix in 2019, giving the streaming platform the mantra to bring in a second season straight away. The same characters return with Otis and Maeve still feeling like the centre-point to the story.

Sex Education Season 2 plays on the same theme which is sex, with students figuring out their bodies and seeking advice from Otis. But the story is more than that. There’s a real sense of character development that shines through the story. The sex clinic is not just a gimmick, there is a genuine story behind what the characters represent.

Season 2 is certainly more complex, with heightened love triangles and friendships that are severely on the line. There are strong themes of female solidarity which will be appreciated by many.

As for season 3, nothing has been confirmed yet. Netflix will be likely waiting for viewing figures before making a decision on what to do with one of their hit shows. It’s unlikely that Season 2 will fail in viewership, so if it is critically acclaimed, expect an announcement in the next month for a Sex Education Season 3.

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