Meet The Team

Oh, hello. Nice to see you. These are the fine folks who’re responsible for all these lovely words and hours of rambling. There’s also a baby involved, but his spelling is atrocious.

Dan Hart – Founder. Token black.


Dan paid the domain fees, so he’s technically in charge. He likes Christopher Nolan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and thinks Flubber is underrated.

Twitter: @DanHartFilm


Laura Boyes – Social Media Baroness. The girl.


Laura is a dog lover and a social policy graduate. Those two things are apparently unrelated. Her favourite movie is Never Been Kissed.

Twitter: @LauraBoyes2


Jonathon Wilson – Reviews Guy. Privileged white dude.


Jonathon writes the reviews. He’s usually wrong, but please don’t tell him. His ego is fragile. He pretends to be diverse, but really only likes action movies.

Twitter: @JLWilsonMedia


Manpreet Singh – Photography Lead. Tech support.


Manpreet runs the photography projects. He likes taking the same photo over and over again, claiming it’s from a different perspective, but please don’t question him about that. His least-favorite character from the Lord of the Rings movies is Proudfoot…

Twitter: @MannyManpreet


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