Recap | Violet Evergarden – Episode 5

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 9, 2018 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
Violet Evergarden episode 5 - recap

In Violet Evergarden episode 5, the anime series picks up where it left off as the lead character goes on another adventure to implement her Auto Memory Doll work. Episode 5 aired on February 8, 2018.

Violet Evergarden episode 5 proves to be the turning point in the anime series. It continues on the theme of a mission per episode. Violet is tasked to write letters for a particular person. Instead, this one ends on a danger point for the character. Up until now, we have been comfortable as a viewer witnessing Violet on the path to recovery. We have been oddly charmed by the “weapon” that she was often described as in the first two episodes. 

And for most of the episode, there is the basis to feel the same. Violet is tasked to write letters for the Princess of Drossell, who we can assume is part of some royalty. The Princess wants to write letters to a Prince, from a different land. The episode teases the idea that this romance needs to blossom in order to prevent further war. It feels like peace hangs by a thread. It is weakly dependant on two young adults flirting with a Royal marriage.

Violet Evergarden episode 5 - recap

Episode 5 had rather odd themes that I was not expecting or prepared for. There is a laid-back conversation between Violet and the Princess about age. The Princess is worried about what others think of her age and asks Violet what she thinks. Up until now, as an audience, we are completely unaware of Violet’s age. The lead character believes shes 14, but due to the fact she is an orphan, she is understandably unclear. This sets up the conversation about romance. The Princess is 14 and wonders if the gap of 10 years is too big between herself and the Prince. This is a rather strange subject matter to be raised in this series, however, it is telling about the period and culture they reside in.

Violet Evergarden episode 5 - recap

There is no major progress in terms of story in episode 5. Violet Evergarden has remained comfortably still and entertaining whilst it fleshes out the Auto Memory Doll work. There are the usual hints of Violet trying to figure out emotions, love, and human connection. The anime series is ready for a major turning point, which does come to the surface.

Violet does help write letters from Princess to the Prince successfully, but she goes against Doll code by getting both romantic acquaintances to physically write for each other rather than requesting a doll to do it. Violet, for the first time, is understanding the true value of human feelings. Rather than allowing someone else to write a letter, sitting down yourself and physically pouring your heart out has the desired effects. The episode offers no challenges with this mission, as Violet succeeds in her objective almost too easily.

Violet Evergarden episode 5 - recap

During the end of the episode, Violet is confronted by what seems to be an old enemy. This forces Violet to suffer from a series of flashbacks. The man facing her is somewhat bewildered by her new role as an Auto Memory Doll because when she was at war she killed many people, not helped people connect. It feels on first impressions that the man wants to exact revenge on Violet. What does this turning point mean for Violet Evergarden? Who knows, though it is motivating to find that the story is heading for a dark turn. Regardless, what’s impressive at this point is how effortlessly consistent and entertaining this anime series has been thus far.

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