Are Leisel and Brayden from Down for Love still together?

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 14, 2023
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Are Leisel and Brayden from Down for Love still together

Are Leisel and Brayden from Down for Love still together? We discuss the 2023 Netflix reality dating series, which contains spoilers.

We have a lot of content on Ready Steady Cut that covers the Netflix reality dating show Down for Love.

It seems that people have loved watching what has been called the most honest dating show on TV.

The participants of the show are all living with Down Syndrome, and the show follows them as they enter the dating game. Family and friends and a relationship expert are all on board to help them navigate the process, and viewers are privy to the dates and interviews throughout the show.

Originally, the series was shown in New Zealand in 2022 on NZTV before being picked up by Netflix and earning a whole new worldwide audience. The show would go on to win an award in its native New Zealand, and if you are wondering about a second season, you can read about that possibility right here on the site.

With the show currently winning over viewers across the world, many have become invested in the cast, so we have a few articles following up on the show; this article will answer the question: Are Leisel and Brayden from Down for Love still together?

Who are Leisel and Brayden from Down for Love?

Leisel Shepherd made it through as a participant in the show, and her family has gone on record to say that they felt the show was a positive experience for Leisel.

Leisel’s mother, Brenda, and father, Paul, were on board with the show, as it was produced under the auspices of the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association, which was there to make sure that the participants were well looked after during the process.

Leisel is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who has launched her own line of makeup and skin care products as well as working for Nutrimetrics. Leisel has become a bit of an online celebrity too, with her own YouTube channel, Instagram page, and Facebook group.

On the show, Leisel would date Brayden Pettigrew, and they would hit it off instantly. There was a definite connection between the two, and even after the first date, mini golf, they knew they wanted to see each other again

Are Leisel and Brayden from Down for Love still together?

Yes, the pair had such a great experience on the show that they have stayed in touch as much as possible. Although they are from different areas, they are still in a relationship, and Brayden states on the show that he wants to marry Leisel.

Where are Leisel and Brayden from?

Leisel was born and raised and still stays in Red Beach, New Zealand. Brayden is from Auckland, New Zealand.

The couple would communicate regularly through social media, and Brayden is very supportive of Leisel’s business.

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