Are Josh and Sophie from Down for Love together? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 13, 2023
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Are Josh and Sophie from Down for Love together? Explained

This article discusses whether Josh and Sophie from Down for Love are together and contains spoilers for the Netflix reality series.

Down for Love was originally broadcast in 2022 on NZTV in New Zealand.

The reality show followed a well-worn premise, following participants through dates, and allowing friends and family, and a relationship expert, to offer up advice and help guide them through the process.

All the participants in the show have Down Syndrome, and the show has been made in conjunction with a governing body that monitors the show and the way it has been produced.

If you are fed up with other such shows, and the all too common criticism that these types of programs are manipulated, staged, and often scripted, you might perhaps want to try this one out.

Filled with love, heart, and genuine reactions, this may just be the most honest dating show on the air, and after Netflix picked the show up, it will reach a much wider audience.

Of course, there is one factor in the show that is essential and that is the participants.

This article will focus on one couple and answer the question: Are Josh and Sophie from Down for Love together?

Who are Josh and Sophie from Down for Love?

Josh Bradley is twenty-five and from Auckland New Zealand.

As a child, he attended Cockle Bay School, and his parents would provide him with speech treatment that would benefit him greatly as he grew up, with his parents firmly wanting Josh to be educated the same way as his siblings.

Josh works as a cleaner and enjoys baking, singing, and animals.

Josh is very outgoing and great fun and seemed to enjoy his time on the show very much.

His parents are Todd and Nicola and have been together since 1966.

Josh would have two dates before he met Sophie.

The two previous dates ended with the participants just being friends, but it seemed that when he met Sophie there was a connection.

The couple seemed to hit it off and would go to visit the penguin enclosure and have a romantic walk on the beach, leading to a kiss.

Are Josh and Sophie from Down for Love together?

After their dating experience, it does seem that the couple are still together.

Although there is not much information on social media, Josh does have a Facebook page and had mentioned that they were still together in an older post.

Josh also has a Tik Tok profile and uploads short-form content there too.

Although hard to officially confirm, it does seem they may still be a couple.

Where are Josh and Sophie from?

Josh and Sophie are both from Auckland, New Zealand.

Josh hails from the town of Howick.

You can watch Down for Love with a subscription to Netflix.

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