Are Carlos and Aelinor from Down for Love Still together?

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 12, 2023 (Last updated: August 13, 2023)
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Are Carlos and Aelinor from Down for Love Still together?

Are Carlos and Aelinor from Down for Love Still together? We discuss if the pair from the Netflix reality dating show are still a couple, and where they’re from. There will be some light spoilers from the show. 

Netflix‘s dating reality show, Down for Love, focuses on people with Down Syndrome and their struggles to navigate the complicated challenges of finding a partner and understanding romance. It shows all the ups and downs that love entails, and it reminds people that everyone is worthy of finding love.

One of the breakout couples from the show is Carlos and Aelinor, whose gestures for each other were very romantic. The pair had a deep connection with one another, even discussing where they could get married on the show.

Who are Carlos and Aelinor from Down for Love?

Carlos Antonio Biggemann, 31, is a very talented man. He’s gifted in photography, using his skills to take pictures of anything and everything. He’s not just a brilliant photographer though, he can also speak four different languages and is on his way to mastering a fifth. He was featured in a short YouTube documentary for Attitude, the production company behind Down for Love.

Less is known about Aelinor. She’s much shyer than Carlos, and so is less revealing about her own life. She’s got firey red hair and is an introverted kind of person.

But the two hit it off in the show and began to date one other. They went on several adventures together, like visiting Larnach Castle. Carlos took photos of Aelinor, and the pair enjoyed the beautiful Auckland beach and recited poetry. Carlos and Aelinor also presented each other with wonderful food. They had amazing chemistry.

Are Carlos and Aelinor from Down for Love Still together?

As both Carlos and Aelinor wish to keep their life after Down for Love private, it’s difficult to say for certain if the two kept their relationship alive after the show. Both of their Instagram accounts are set to private, making it impossible to view any photos the two might post.

But as the pair displayed a lot of love and affection for each other, and managed to work to overcome the long distances that separated them, people should remain hopeful that they continue to make their relationship work. On the show, the pair discussed where they would like to get married, so it’s highly likely that they are still together.

Where are Carlos and Aelinor from?

Netflix’s Down for Love is set in New Zealand, with all the people featured living in the country. Carlos was originally from Bolivia, but he moved with his family and now lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. Aelinor lives nearly 900 miles away from him in Auckland, New Zealand.

To keep in touch, Carlos sent some lovely artistic photos of himself and Aelinor, and try to reduce the huge distance between them. The pair also visited each other in the show, and will likely continue to do so afterward.

You can watch Down for Love with a subscription to Netflix.

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