Where is Libby Hunsdale from Down for Love now?

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 13, 2023 (Last updated: August 14, 2023)
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Where is Libby Hunsdale from Down for Love now?

Where is Libby Hunsdale from Down for Love now? We discuss what one of the participants from Netflix’s Down for Love is doing now that the show has finished.

Everyone deserves a chance at love, regardless of their disabilities. Netflix‘s dating reality show, Down for Love, reminds viewers of this and focuses on people with Down Syndrome attempting to find a partner. It shows all the ups and downs that being in love can have and the many, many complicated challenges of finding a partner.

One of the singletons looking for love is Libby Hunsdale. She lives with her grandmother after a personal tragedy and went on the show hoping to find the right person for her. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan.

Who is Libby Hunsdale from Down for Love?

Libby Hunsdale is one of the six participants on the 2023 Netflix show Down for Love, and although this is her first time on a reality TV show it isn’t her first time on camera. She’s already a successful actress, appearing in the film Poppy as the titular character. She’s only 19.

Before Libby appeared on the show, she told The Guardian, “I want people to see that we can have happy and fulfilling lives just the same as everyone else. Your disability doesn’t define who you can date.”

Libby’s childhood was full of tragedy. Her dad wasn’t around and at the age of two, her mum was diagnosed with brain cancer. A decade later, her mum passed away, and Libby’s grandmother began to take care of her.

Where is Libby Hunsdale from Down for Love now?

Libby has plenty of exciting opportunities ahead. As well as being an actress, she helps behind the camera at the Wanganui Repertory Theatre with makeup and costumes. She’s an influencer for Project Employ, a disability organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities find a job.

Libby is an advocate for people with disabilities, becoming the first Kiwi actress with Down Syndrome. No doubt she plans to be in more films and TV shows.

Did Libby Hunsdale find love from Down for Love?

Despite appearing on Down for Love hoping to find a partner, Libby didn’t finish the show with a new love.

She went on a date with Josh Bradley where the two played croquet. Everything seemed to be going well, and the two went on another date to a cha-cha-cha dance workshop. This is where things fell apart, as Libby decided it would be better if she and Josh stayed as friends.

Later on in the show, Libby came out to her grandmother and met Meimi, an Italian and Maori woman with Williams syndrome. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t find the connection Libby was hoping for.

Is Libby Hunsdle on social media?

Libby Hunsdale is active on Instagram. Her username is @libby.hunsdale. She has over 800 followers and her description proudly states she’s pansexual.

On TikTok, her username is @libby_hunsdale. She has over 900 followers.

You can watch Down for Love with a subscription to Netflix.

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