Are John and Emma from Down for Love together? Explained

August 13, 2023
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Are John and Emma from Down for Love together? Explained

This article discusses whether John and Emma from Down for Love are together and contains spoilers for the Netflix reality series.

There are a lot of reality dating shows available for you to consume on streaming platforms.

I don’t watch any of them.

I have to admit that I have often had to check in on certain episodes of certain shows, usually for context or research for an article, but I have never sat down and watched any season of any reality dating show — it’s not my thing.

However, I know that there are many fans of these shows that absolutely love them, and I suppose there is a certain allure to watching groups of beautiful people trying to get on with each other while advancing their own personal agendas, usually in the hope of becoming an influencer on social media.

Perhaps the greatest failing of these shows is the cynicism that we as audience members have developed towards them.

Sure, the premise may be to find partners for those involved, but you can’t help but get the feeling that the people that choose to apply and appear on these shows might be there for ulterior motives.

However, Down for Love may just be the dating show that manages to subvert all the above-mentioned problems, by being truly honest and full of heart.

The participants in the series have Down Syndrome, and as a result, the show presents an honest and heartwarming dating show that might just restore your faith in these kinds of presentations,

You can find a full review of the show here on Ready Steady Cut, but this article is another focus on a dating couple, so relax for two minutes and we will answer the question: Are John and Emma from Down for Love together?

Who are John and Emma from Down for Love?

John Halliday lives in Alexander, New Zealand, and was born and raised in Whangarei which is a city in the Northland area of North Island in New Zealand.

He has two brothers, and an uncle called Dave.

At the time he appeared on the show, he was thirty-eight years old.

His interests include the arts, and he is a keen painter and carver, however, John also enjoys sports and would take part in The Special Olympics as part of the snowboarding team. He also had an interest in mountain biking.

John has a Facebook page but seems to choose not to post much to it.

On the show, he would meet Emma.

Emma works at a pet shop and has a love of all things involving animals.

Emma was twenty-five years old when she would go on her date with John on the TV show.

The two would go to an art gallery for their first date, and after enjoying the artwork on display, John would give Emma a ring to symbolize their friendship.

A further date would lead to Emma asking John if he wanted to be her boyfriend, and he was more than happy to accept.

An exciting excursion on a helicopter to a mountaintop saw the pair professing their love for each other.

Emma would give John a drawing that she had created for him.

Are John and Emma from Down for Love together?

At the time of writing, we cannot find an official confirmation that the couple is still together, but if we had to guess, I would say there is a good chance that they are.

The couple seemed very happy to be with each other, and there were no signs that either had any doubt about their relationship.

You can watch Down for Love with a subscription to Netflix.

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