Where was the Netflix series Down for Love filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 14, 2023
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Where was the Netflix series Down for Love filmed?

This article discusses where the Netflix series Down for Love was filmed and may contain minor plot references.

Down for Love is the first Netflix dating reality show to feature participants that are living with Down Syndrome.

The show has become a hit for fans of reality TV and many people are saying that it is the most honest and heartfelt dating show that has ever been shown.

The premise of the show is pretty much in line with other similar properties, with people meeting up for dates and viewers being able to follow their journey.

The show would go on to win an award and be praised by agencies such as the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association which worked closely with the producers of the show, making sure that everything was done to make the participants comfortable throughout the process.

The five-part series follows six participants as they date and attempt to find love.

There are ups and downs in the season, and many people have praised the production as it is an honest and heartfelt look at dating, without a lot of the usual often staged and manipulated shows that exist in this media landscape.

We have a lot of articles that you can check out right here on the site, exploring the series and the participants.

This article though will have a look at the show’s locations and answer the question: Where was the 2023 Netflix reality dating show Down for Love filmed?

Where was the Netflix series Down for Love filmed – a breakdown of locations

Location 1: New Zealand

The show was filmed completely in New Zealand.

The show is part of the output from Attitude Pictures Ltd. The company focuses on producing content that is related to disabilities and their flagship program is also called Attitude, and presents character-driven shows that explore chronic health conditions and disabilities.

There have been an impressive five hundred and forty episodes of this series that have been on air since 2005.

The company is based in New Zealand, and most of its output is recorded on location.

Down for Love follows couples on dates, and there are some stunning locations used, all filmed in and around New Zealand.

Location 2: Larnach Castle, Dunedin

You can see this building featured in the show, and the mock castle is no stranger to Netflix as it was previously used in the rom-com The Royal Treatment in 2021.

It is the location for Carlos’ date with Aelinor.

Location 3: Howick Beach, Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is also featured in the series.

It is no surprise that the beach was used in the show as it is quite striking and a beautiful location.

Howick is a suburb of East Auckland and is home to a historical village, that is a living history museum.

Location 4: Sealife Kelly Tarlton’s, Auckland

One of the memorable dates on the show takes place in the penguin enclosure at Kelly Tarlton’s.

Josh and Sophie are seen on a date here, and interacting with the penguins before engaging in a kiss.

You can watch Down for Love with a subscription to Netflix.

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