‘Osmosis’ Episode 4 – “Crisis” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019


Osmosis Episode 4, “Crisis”, shows the rift growing between the siblings, in a chapter that reveals more secrets.

This recap of Osmosis Episode 4, “Crisis”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 4, “Crisis”, carries on the notion that the test subjects are doubtful about the results of the implant, while the vicious world of technology continues to attack Paul (Hugo Becker) and Esther (Agathe Bonitzer). The siblings cannot determine if the investors, the Mohicans, are blackmailing Paul over Joséphine (Philypa Phoenix) or if they are an innocent party who are genuinely trying to attain his product. Osmosis Episode 4 gave some answers, but angles in that Esther is the main route to all their issues.

Due to Niels attacking his “Soulmate”, Billie recommends to Esther that he should be removed from the programme, and his implant be removed. Niels and his parents are devastated by the request, but because Esther has ulterior motives with his implant she tries to delay the removal as much as possible. Eventually, Paul finds out about her plans, and he is transparently upset by her actions to try and save their mother using the Osmosis project. “Crisis” sees a tear between the siblings for the first time. It feels that despite Esther’s loneliness she is also deceptive, and manipulative, with her brother taking the hit for all blame.

Meanwhile, Ana has strayed from the people trying to take down Osmosis. She decides to explore her feelings for her supposed “soulmate”, meeting him for drinks, and contemplating to Billie whether she should sleep with him. It turns out that her “soulmate” knew she was on the Osmosis project, making me question whether he was using her for sexual motives. Ana is starting to believe that Osmosis works, despite the activists trying to bring it down convincing her otherwise.

Osmosis Episode 4 Recap - Crisis

Esther wonders whether Paul can reconnect with Joséphine after his implant activates to an empty void. She uses brutal scientific tactics to strangle him as much as possible to produce stress hormones to find a way to connect with her using the severed connection. Eventually he gets through, however, it is distorted slightly, making him feel mortally sick. Paul yearns for Joséphine, and you can see that the Osmosis project has become secondary on his mind completely. You could argue that the series is not about the dating element at all; it’s about the siblings trying to overcome their past, their issues.

As “Crisis” ends, Lucas has still not figured out where he sits with the implant, switching between his ex and his calculated “soulmate”. Niels refuses to allow them to remove the implant in a moment of fury. Episode 4 ends with a cliffhanger; the brain waves finally merge between Niels, Lucas, and Ana, waking the sibling’s mother up. As this happens, Paul gets a call from Joséphine.

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