What happened to Marienne in You Season 4 Part 2?

By Lori Meek
Published: March 12, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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What happened to Marienne in You Season 4 Part 2? We discuss the Netflix series and one of the key characters in the saga.

Tati Gabrielle joined the You twisted family in Season 3 as the no-nonsense Madre Linda librarian, Marienne Belammy. Underneath her tough exterior, she was a single mother fighting to regain custody of her daughter, Juliette, who she lost due to past addiction. Her ex, a respectable reporter in the community, used Marienne’s past as an excuse to punish her and keep her away from her child. 

When Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) first met Marienne, he didn’t pay much attention to her as he was too busy stalking his neighbor, Natalie. But after Love (Victoria Pedretti) murdered Natalie, Joe started volunteering at the library and set his eyes on Marienne instead. She was a breath of fresh air from the wife he was disillusioned by and from the privileged upper class of Madre Linda surrounding him. 

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Marienne wasn’t a big fan of Joe, but it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the mild-mannered killer with a heart of gold. Soon enough, the pair were in love and planning to raise their two children together as a family. Joe was kind enough to murder Marienne’s ex, so he would stop bothering her. But at the end of season 3, Love Quinn, having decided to kill her unfaithful husband, tells Marienne what kind of psychopath Joe is. The librarian doesn’t need to be told twice; she packs up her daughter, and they head to Paris, hoping to distance themselves from Joe Goldberg. 

What happened to Marienne in You Season 4 Part 2?

Flashbacks from the first episode of season 4 show that Joe managed to track down Marienne at a London art fair. When the two locked eyes, poor Marienne tried making a run for it, but Joe was faster. When he confronts her, she begs him to let her go back to her daughter, and in a rare moment of selflessness, Joe allows her to walk away. 

After Elliot orders Joe to kill Marienne because she’s the only one who knows he’s still alive, our anti-hero follows her to the train station. As far as Joe is concerned, for most of season 4, all he did at the station was steal her necklace before watching her board the train back to Paris. And Joe pats himself on the back for letting Marienne go free and alive until the end of episode 7, when he murders the real Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) and finds out that the Rhys he’s been talking to is just a figment of his imagination. 

Did Joe kidnap Marienne?

Yes, Joe kidnapped Marienne. At the train station, he slipped a tranquilizer into her coffee and took her to a dark apartment. There, he kept her tied up for days while he was repeatedly listening to Rhys Montrose’s memoir and claiming he wanted to “work” on their relationship. 

He then built one of his trademark glass cages, but on the day he was supposed to lock her in it, she tried to escape. In the struggle, Joe forcefully pushed her onto the ground and broke her arm, leading to him completely losing his marbles and splitting his consciousness in two. 

In the first few weeks of Marrienne’s imprisonment, Joe’s Rhys persona would bring her food from a nearby Indian restaurant. He also got her painkillers for her broken arms, which was an apparent attempt at forcing her to relapse. But on the outside, Joe’s good-guy persona was falling for Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and getting more involved with investigating the Eat the Rich murders, so the Rhys persona started neglecting Marienne. 

She spent weeks in that glass cage alone, slowly starving to death. Dreaming of her daughter was the only thing keeping her reasonably sane. When Joe finally figured out what happened to Marienne, he kept promising her he’ll find a way to set her free. At this point, Marienne was sick of Joe’s promises but did ask him to check her phone for news of her daughter. 

He learned that the friend who’s been keeping an eye on Juliette assumed Marienne relapsed on drugs, and now the girl’s grandmother took her back to the States. The news completely breaks Marienne, who starts begging Joe to kill her. By the time Joe goes to see Marienne next, she overdosed on those painkillers and left a note asking him to leave her body somewhere where it would be found. A heartbroken Joe respects Marienne’s last wish and gently places her on a park bench. 

Is Marienne alive or dead?

Thankfully, Marienne is alive and out of Joe’s reach. One of Joe’s students at the University, Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), started suspecting something was off with her favorite professor. Her sleuthing led her to find Marienne and the two women devised a brilliant escape plan. (Killing Joe was their plan A, but that attempt failed miserably). 

Nadia was the one who texted Marienne’s phone with the fake news about losing custody of Juliette. Nadia also gave Marienne some beta-blockers, which slowed her heart enough to trick Joe into thinking she was dead. After Joe left her “body” on a park bench, Nadia woke her up and helped her return to Paris and her daughter. 

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