Is Love Quinn Dead or Alive in You Season 4 Part 2?

By Lori Meek
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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Is Love Quinn Dead or Alive in You Season 4 Part 2? We discuss a major character in the Netflix series and whether they have made a return from the dead.

When Joe Goldberg first laid eyes on Love Quinn (portrayed by the excellent Victoria Pedretti) at the start of You Season 2, it was love at first sight, both for him and for fans of the series. Actually, for Joe, it was more of an obsessive infatuation. And by that, I mean she also became obsessively infatuated with him. And by the end of season 2, Mr. Goldberg wasn’t the only one killing people in the name of love. 

It would be easy for audiences to think the romance between these two deranged psychopaths would last forever. But Joe didn’t like having a murderous and unstable wife. She probably mirrored him a bit too much. And their marriage ended up in flames (literally). Love Quinn’s untimely demise at the hands of her husband left many fans feeling bereaved. Then we all got a sliver of hope when she featured in the trailer for the second half of season 4. Could it be that Love is somehow still alive and seeking revenge on the husband who tried to kill her?

Is Love Quinn Dead or Alive in You Season 4 Part 2?

Sadly, Love Quinn is not alive in You Season 4 Part 2. Joe killed her at the end of season 3. While Love is most definitely dead, she does make an appearance in Season 2, Episode 9, “She’s Not There,” during Joe’s tranquilizer-induced nightmare. He stole the pills from Pheobe and decided to take them in an attempt to shut up his hallucination of Rhys. 

Instead of a quiet Rhys-free sleep, Joe dreams of giving Marienne a coffee with peanut oil in it and watching her go into anaphylactic shock. In the real world, she’s not allergic, but Joe had used that method to murder Benji in season 1, so that’s probably why it’s featured in his dream. 

In the hallucination, he needs the key to letting Marienne out of the glass cage and saving her. He sees Gemma, the Eat the Rich killer’s last victim, and the one person starting to figure out who’s behind the murders. Unsurprisingly, she refuses to give him the key. He then sees Beck, his season one obsession. Beck doesn’t give him the key, either. 

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And lastly, Joe gets to speak to Love Quinn, who’s waiting for him while reading a book in a makeshift library inside the glass cage. She wastes no time reminding him of his violent behavior and the pattern of obsessive stalking he never fails to fall into every time a woman catches his eye. 

Why does Joe Goldberg hallucinate Love Quinn?

Love Quinn was Joe’s wife and the mother of his child, so it makes sense she would appear in his hallucination. According to Hallucination Rhys, killing Love and abandoning their son at the end of season 3 was why Joe started losing his mind, eventually leading to his conscience splitting in two. 

Unlike his other love interests, aka obsessions, Love was also madly infatuated with him and willing to commit murders for him. She was a part of the show for two seasons and, until the end of season 4, the only woman who fully accepted and embraced Joe’s dark side. The second half of season 4 sees Joe doing a lot of soul-searching. Facing the woman he married and then killed was essential to his character development. 

What is the meaning behind Love Quinn in You Season 4?

Love is the last of the victims Joe’s forced to face during his hallucination. He keeps asking for the key, but Love is the only one who gives it to him. Talking to her helps Joe understand that there is only one way for him to save Marienne and avoid ever hurting anyone else. It allows him to take responsibility for the atrocities he committed and the hurt he caused.

Instead of the key, Love hands him a gun, “Somebody needs to die for this to end for good,” she says. That last conversation with Love gives Joe a clarity he’s never shown. By the end of episode 10, all that personal growth goes out the window. But, for one brief moment, Joe Goldberg was truly self-aware. 

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