You Season 2 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 26, 2019 (Last updated: September 1, 2023)
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Netflix Series You Season 2, Episode 10 - Love, Actually


You Season 2, Episode 10, “Love, Actually” changes the dynamic of the story, as Joe is now faced with someone who is very similar to him.

We recap the Netflix series You Season 2 Episode 10, “Love, Actually,” which contains significant spoilers, and explains the Ending.

Episode 10, “Love, Actually” is a game-changer that was written metaphorically in the character Love (Victoria Pedretti), but it’s still a surprise to see it unravel in this way.

Episode 10 opens up with Love telling Joe (Penn Badgley) that everything is going to be okay — “I’ve fixed it // we can be together now”. Joe thinks he has broken Love  “This is not you”. We then get Love’s backstory…

You Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Love confesses to killing Delilah; she tells us her story of the time she killed the au pair to protect Forty; the family thought it was her brother. Then she met James and believed she’d finally have a family of her own. And then she met Joe. Love had this fantasy where she could fix Joe, she could see right through him. Love showed her flawed family that she did not want. Love’s P.I. told her everything about Joe and Beck’s book, and that she believed Beck did not deserve Joe. She also knew about the glass cage for a period of time and spent time sitting in it. Love sleeping with Milo was an attempt to coax the real Joe, and then she followed Joe thinking he was leaving and then killed Delilah.

Even as an audience member, this was a lot of information to take in. After all that, Joe asks — “What about Ellie?”.

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Shockingly, Love has more. While Fincher speaks to Ellie, Love says Ellie will be fine; Love made Ellie a suspect in Henderson’s murder with an anonymous tip. Finch questions why Ellie was in the house the night he died. Love then describes step two; give Ellie Quinn’s finest lawyer. Step three; leave a fake suicide note from Delilah — she will become a feminist icon for killing her abuser. Joe is surprisingly against her ideas but then Love wickedly tells him to get a grip and it’s time to see the real her. When Joe asks Love to let him out of the glass cage, she walks off.

I actually thought Joe would have been sold on these crazy ideas immediately.

Episode 10, “Love, Actually” sees Joe deliberate Love’s plan; he finally understands what Beck went through and wondered what she would do — “You’re asking me to see you, to love you, Love”. Joe decides to give Love what she wants to hear. Ellie rings Forty for help — she’s in prison. Forty then heads to see Dr. Nicky in prison. He tells Dr. Nicky that he thinks he is innocent. Dr. Nicky says he is not guilty, but he is a bad person — it appears prison has made him highly religious, and he is desperate to clean his sins. Forty shows Dr. Nicky a photo of Joe. Dr. Nicky is still not forthcoming — saying that a punishment will come to Joe eventually but Forty wants to know everything and he is frustrated. Forty texts Love, warning her about Joe.

Ellie is freed by the Quinns’ family lawyer — exactly how Love imagined it. Finch tells the lawyer and Ellie that if Delilah doesn’t get in touch soon, she will be reported as an unattended minor due to the missing person’s report — Fincher is putting the pressure on.

Love brings Joe her own baked muffins. Joe tells Love how his mother never allowed him to have one — “She was a saint, I was a handful”. Joe hesitates to eat the muffin; Love is hurt, eating one of them to prove that they aren’t poisoned. Joe backtracks and says he cannot eat food with a body rotting three feet away from him — ” I need you to trust me”. Joe slyly grabs the handcuffs and prepares the sharp end. Love opens the door and Joe grabs her, placing the sharp end of the handcuffs against her face, and then she blurts out, “I’m pregnant”.

A shocked Joe experiences another flashback; his mother is trying to speak to him and she says “nothing bad is going to happen”. A young Joe asks why she let his father come back over and over again — “I only need you”. Her mother says it is so he had a father. In the present, a shocked Joe walks back a few steps. Love tells him how much she loves him and is desperate for a response from Joe — she has a feeling that the baby is a girl (by the way, from experience, there is no way of knowing this — the feeling is a myth). Love gives Joe the option to run, turn her in or hurt her — “I understand if you can’t love me anymore”. Joe considers how it’s important that he is there for his child — “Real love doesn’t evaporate // nothing is more important than this”.

And there we have it — two psychotic characters coming together for a common cause. It’s like the You universe.

And oh the audacity; Episode 10, “Love, Actually” sees Love taking Joe to her friend’s wedding. Forty tries to enter the wedding to warn Love, but Gabe kicks him out. Their friends’ wedding vows hit home to Joe and Love as they talk about real love. Joe turns to Love — “We’re having a little girl together”. Joe tells Love that he loves her.

You Season 2 Ending Explained

As we near the end of an explosive finale, Forty goes back to the store, closes it and fires Calvin — he’s panicking. Forty texts both Joe and Love a series of texts; he has a plan. Joe and Love drive to the store and Love offers to go in first to calm Forty down. Joe sees Ellie hiding in the back alley and speaks to her — Finch is watching. Ellie tells Joe that the CPS is after her and that Forty is ranting a lot of things about Joe. Ellie demands to know where Delilah is. She’s lost her cool and she wants to know the truth. Joe tells Ellie that he doesn’t think Delilah is coming back.

Forty is freaking out, trying to explain to Love that Joe is a serial killer. Love tries to calm down Forty, asking him what his plan is. Joe gives Ellie a wad of money and tells her to start over. Ellie tells Joe she hates him, and Joe admits to killing Henderson — Ellie walks out and tells Joe to “burn in hell”.

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Forty asks Love why she trusts Joe and repeats all the details to her in an emotionally fuelled conversation. The tension ramps us as Joe walks in. Forty threatens to take Joe to prison but Joe wants to talk. Forty pulls a gun out on Joe and Love is mortified while Joe tries to remain calm. Love tells Forty that she will never forgive him if he kills Joe and that he will never see her baby. Forty is now crippled by that information and argues with Love — “You are just as broken as I am”. Forty reveals that he knows what Love is capable of; he knows that Love killed the au pair. He claims that Love will never be a good mother, especially if she’s bringing her baby up in this world. Forty points the gun at Joe again and says, “Close your eyes, Joe”. It looks to be over, but a gunshot is heard — someone has shot Forty. It was Finch. Love cries over Forty’s dead body and at that moment, Joe knew he had to comfort her; be there for her.

To make this Netflix series extra-weird, You Season 2, Episode 10, “Love, Actually” ends in happy but sinister terms. Joe talks about how “In Crime and Punishment, the hero willingly walks into exile”. Flashbacks show a young Joe getting sent to a “Group Home for Boys”. In the present day, Joe now has a new house with Love — Fincher made Forty the prime suspect for Henderson’s murder despite being dead. Joe is ready to meet his daughter, stating that he had no idea the cage he built was a trap for him. He looks at a now heavily pregnant Love. But then the old Joe returns; he looks over the garden fence and sees a new woman next door. He as found a “new you”. His neighbor.

Never change, Joe.

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