You Season 4 Episode 9 Recap – is Love Quinn still alive?

March 9, 2023
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After learning the truth about the Eat the Rich Killer (aka. himself), Joe scrambles, trying to find a way to fix his mistakes and let Marienne go free. Joe’s forced to face his past and seems to understand that he’s the real villain of his story.

We recap the Netflix series You Season 4 Episode 9, “She’s Not There,” which contains spoilers.

After learning the truth about the Eat the Rich Killer (aka. himself), Joe (played by Penn Badgley) scrambles, trying to find a way to fix his mistakes and let Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) go free. Joe’s forced to face his past and seems to understand that he’s the real villain of his story. Kate’s (Charlotte Ritchie) father takes off the good-guy mask, while Adam’s (Lukas Gage) and Pheobe’s (Tilly Keeper) disastrous marriage takes a turn for the tragic. 

You Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Lucky for Nadia, she hears Joe coming and manages to hide before he sees her. When he sees the state Marienne is in, good guy Joe is appalled. He offers her a sandwich and promises to devise a viable plan to let her go by the following day, to Hallucination Rhys’s dismay. 

After Joe leaves, Nadia and Marienne devise an unlikely-to-succeed plan to eliminate Mr. Goldberg. Nadia asks Edward to get her ketamine, which she plans on using to knock out Joe, before handing Marienne a knife to kill him. Unsurprisingly, the plan falls apart when Nadia gets arrested for trying to fare dodge on the underground. 

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Joe spends most of the day planning his great escape from London to let Marienne go safely. He buys a counterfeit passport from a kid he met online and sets off to Adam and Pheobe’s engagement wedding to spend one last evening with Kate and say goodbye. 

A very unhappy bride

Things are not looking great at the wedding. Lady Pheobe is very drunk, high, and unstable, while her groom is already planning how to spend her money. Kate tries talking some sense into her, but Adam intervenes. Joe’s attempts at getting through to Pheobe also fail, and Adam kicks him and Kate out of the party. 

Lady Pheobe marries Adam at the Sundry House without her family or real friends present. Unhappy and alone, the young woman has a complete nervous breakdown. The last we see of her, she’s walking barefoot and in tears away from her wedding party. 

The following day, Kate desperately tries to find Pheobe’s whereabouts. Phoebe’s breakdown ended with her being sectioned against her will, and Adam now has full control over her care and finances. 

A frustrated Kate vents to her father about the Pheobe situation: Tom comes to see her because he wants Kate to leave her “small” life in London behind, move back to New York, and eventually take over his company. 

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Back in the basement, Joe brings his hostage some breakfast and promises to free her from the cage soon. Marianne’s not interested in hearing more of Joe’s promises but asks him to pull out her phone and check on her daughter. When Joe texts Beatrice, the lady taking care of Juliette, he’s hit by some awful news – Assuming Marienne relapsed, Beatrice called Juliette’s paternal grandmother, who took the child back to the U.S. Unsurprisingly, hearing about the loss of her daughter completely breaks poor Marienne. 

Has Benji returned?

Our Joe is not doing so well. On the one hand, he’s dealing with his guilt over destroying Marienne’s life. On the other hand, Hallucination, Rhys won’t stop pressuring him to embrace his dark side and put Marienne out of her misery for good. Needing some rest, Joe takes a handful of the tranquilizers he stole from Lady Pheobe and fell into a deep slumber. 

Feeling refreshed after a sedative-induced sleep, Joe sees his hostage, gives her breakfast and tells her she’s free. But when he tries opening the cage door, his code doesn’t work. And when Marienne takes a sip from the coffee he brought, she goes into anaphylactic shock. Was she allergic? Joe’s sure she wasn’t. It was Benji, Beck’s ex from season 1, that Joe killed with peanut oil. Is this a dream?

 Is Love Quinn still alive?

Joe is immediately transported to his kitchen and has a meaningful conversation with Gemma. After Gemma, he catches up with Beck. Joe’s apologetic for strangling her and pinning it all on the poor shrink (who, by the way, is still serving time in prison for Beck’s murder). But regrets don’t bring back the dead.

Finally, it’s Love’s (Victoria Pedretti) turn to say her piece. Joe tries explaining his actions away, but Love’s having none of it. While he’s desperately asking for the key to saving Marienne, his late wife gives him something better – A gun. There’s only one way for Joe to “fix things.” Yes, it was all a dream. But when Joe wakes up, he’s ready to take responsibility for his actions. 

Does Tom get Adam killed?

Meanwhile, Adam seems to be having the time of his life. He’s now a very wealthy man, courtesy of his aristocratic wife, who just so happens to be locked away in a mental institution (for her own good).

So Adam is blowing up some steam in the company of a dominatrix. After she ties him up, she invites two more handsome gentlemen into the room. Poor Adam thinks he’s about to enjoy a well-deserved orgy. Instead, he gets his just deserts. The lovely lady he believed to be a sex worker and her two gentlemen friends were assassins sent by Tom Lockwood. RIP Adam. 

After learning of Adam’s untimely demise (and the first murder this season Joe had nothing to do with), Kate confronts her father. Instead of denying anything, Tom hits his daughter with the cold hard truth – he owns her. Every single one of her achievements, including the purchase of her flat, was engineered by him. She didn’t build herself a life in London. He allowed her to think she did. But now it’s time to stop playing at being an independent woman because Tom wants her back working for him. 

You Season 4 Episode 9 Ending Explained

After waking up from his conversations with dead people’s dreams, Joe heads straight to Marienne, determined to set her free and end himself. Safe to say, Hallucination Rhys, disapproves of this plan. On the contrary, he’s trying to talk Joe out of his suicidal thinking. But Joe has made up his mind. When Hallucination Rhys brings up how “broken” Marienne is as a way of convincing him not to go through with his plan, Joe replies with, “I broke her.” After four wild seasons, Joe Goldberg is taking responsibility for his actions and admitting to himself (literally) that he’s a monster. 

By the time he makes it to the basement, it’s too late. Marienne appears to have died after overdosing on the painkillers Joe left her. Unsurprisingly, Joe is heartbroken, while Hallucination Rhys seems relieved. 

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