What happened in You Season 4 Part 2? (Detailed Recap)

By Lori Meek
Published: March 9, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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Joe’s forced to face the truth about himself while Kate has to face the father she’s been avoiding since she was a teenager. The relationship between Lady Pheobe and Adam ends badly. Nadia (rightly) starts suspecting her favorite professor of wrongdoings.

Here is our recap (in detail) of You Season 4 Part 2, which will contain significant spoilers and major plot points. Be warned.

In part two, things get even darker. Joe (Penn Badgley) is forced to face the truth about himself while Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) faces the father she’s been avoiding since she was a teenager. The relationship between Lady Pheobe (Tilly Keeper) and Adam (Lukas Gage) ends badly. Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) (rightly) starts suspecting her favorite professor of wrongdoings. And there’s a twist. We find out what happened to Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) and who the actual killer is. Here is our comprehensive recap of You Season 4 Part 2.

What happened in You Season 4 Part 2? (Detailed Recap)

(Episodes 6-10)

The second half of You season 4 finds Joe desperate to stop the Eat the Rich killer, aka Rhys Montrose, for good. Unfortunately for Joe, murdering a politician who knows about all the bodies he buried back in the U.S. is a difficult task. 

In episode 6, Rhys blackmails Joe into finding someone to frame for the murders. Joe has to plant Simon’s ear on the person he wants to go down for the killings (Rhys was kind enough to leave the body part in Joe’s freezer). At first, the perfect man to take the fall is Connie. Due to his severe drug and alcohol addiction, Connie lacks an alibi for any of the murders, and the police suspect him. But soon, an even better option emerges. 

Who does Joe pin the Eat the Rich killings on?

A woman named Dawn, that’s seen at public events throughout the series, reveals herself as Lady Pheobe’s stalker. Unfortunately for her, she becomes the preferred person to take the fall for the murders.

Dawn suffers from erotomania and thinks she has some connection with the blonde aristocrat. After Dawn kidnaps Pheobe and Joe’s forced to play hero and save her, he places Simon’s decomposing ear inside the woman’s backpack, leading to her arrest.

As Joe and Kate decide to give their relationship another chance, he manipulates her at the start of episode 7 into inviting him for dinner with the wealthy, powerful father she’s been avoiding most of her adult life. Of course, Joe wants to meet Tom Lockwood to decide whether to kill him, as Rhys now demands the billionaire’s head on a platter. 

The death of Rhys Montrose

Tom is charismatic and seems to win Joe over, but meeting him turns Kate upside down. Joe makes one feeble attempt at his future father-in-law’s life after Rhys reveals that he’s kidnapped Marienne. However, Tom does offer our protagonist an alternative: The opportunity to discreetly murder Rhys, who’s hiding in the countryside after some unflattering news about his famous memoir got leaked (Yes, Tom was behind the leak). 

After tracking down Rhys, Joe ties him up and uses torture to try and get Marienne’s location out of him. But a battered and bruised Rhys claims to have no idea who Marienne is. Joe strangles the man to death, only for Rhys to reappear alive and well next to his freshly strangled body and reveal the truth about the killer.

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The Eat the Rich killer finally revealed

Episodes 7 and 8 clarify that Joe is the Eat the Rich Killer. As for Marienne, he didn’t let her go. He caught up with her at the train station, kidnapped her, and locked her into one of his iconic impenetrable glass cages. While Joe thought he was in the middle of an Agatha Christie novel, he was playing his rendition of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

While putting Marienne in the cage, she tried to escape, and Joe shoved her hard on the floor, breaking her arm; shocked at what he’d done, Joe hit his head hard on the glass wall, and his consciousness split into two: The murdering psychopathic Rhys persona, and the good guy hero Joe. To make matters worse, Joe stopped visiting or taking food or water to his prisoner for weeks. All this time, she’s been starving and losing her mind alone in that cage. 

The darker side of Joe’s consciousness was Rhys Montrose because our anti-hero was obsessed with the man. After reading Rhys’s memoir, Joe became his number 1 fan and even spent a few weeks stalking him. 

Lady Pheobe’s husband

Seeing her countryside manor burn down and being kidnapped by a stalker took its toll on poor Pheobe. She rejects Adam’s marriage proposal and agrees to spend a few days in a mental health facility at Kate’s suggestion. But makes the mistake of allowing Adam (who lost everything to his creditors) to drive her there. 

After many glasses of wine, Adam convinces Pheobe to marry him. He wants a rushed wedding and manipulates his unstable fiance into turning their engagement party into a wedding. Both Kate and Joe try to stop it but to no avail. Shortly after the wedding, Phoebe has a mental breakdown and is sectioned into a mental hospital. To Kate’s dismay, Adam gains full control over his wife’s care and finances.

However, his joy doesn’t last long as Tom intervenes and hires a group of assassins to kill Adam.

Tom Lockwood and Jonathan Moore meet their end

Kate confronts her dad in the 9th episode and is angry at him for arranging someone’s death. The charismatic Tom makes it clear that he owns Kate. Despite her cutting contact with him, he has been following her every move and never stopped intervening in her life. Tom was behind everything she’s ever achieved in London. And he wants her to go back to New York and start working for him. 

Meanwhile, Joe’s been doing a lot of soul-searching. He also had a vivid dream where Beck and his late wife, Love, told him to kill himself. His resolve grows even stronger when he finds Marienne dead after she overdosed on painkillers. She found out that while she was Joe’s prisoner, her friend back in Paris assumed she had relapsed on drugs, and her daughter was now in the care of her paternal grandmother. The news broke Marienne, and her death broke Joe. 

Joe’s final act before jumping off a bridge into the Thames is killing Tom Lockwood in episode 10, thus freeing Kate from her evil father. As he drowns, Joe’s last thoughts go to Kate. 

Nadia’s investigation and Marianne’s survival

In the first five episodes, Professor Moore was Nadia’s favorite teacher. But after Lady Pheobe’s stalker got arrested for the Eat the Rich slayings, the young students started suspecting her professor of hiding something. 

The young woman’s excellent sleuthing led to her finding Marienne in the glass cage. Knowing how good Joe is at avoiding capture, Marienne didn’t let Nadia call the cops. Instead, the two women devised a plan to convince Joe that Marienne was dead. Instead of painkillers, Marienne took pills that slowed her heart rate enough to make it seem she had committed suicide. After Joe left her supposed dead body on a park bench, Nadia revived her, and now Marienne is safely reunited with her daughter in Paris. 

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Still wanting to see Joe Goldberg behind bars, Nadia enlists the help of her sweet boyfriend, Edward, to go search Professor Moore’s apartment for rock-solid evidence. And she does find a box of mementos from when Joe was stalking the real Rhys. 

You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained

The season ends with Joe surviving his suicide attempt and Kate inheriting her father’s billions. She visits him in the hospital, he confesses all his crimes (apart from the one where he’s behind Tom’s murder), and she still wants to be with him. The pair return to New York after Kate uses her resources to clean Joe’s record. He even managed to get his son back. Yes, Joe Goldberg is now a billionaire. 

In a voice-over from the man himself, we learn that Sophie and Blessing bought Sundry House following Adam’s death. Roald accidentally shot and killed someone on a hunting trip in Germany (but it’s ok because his family covered it up), and Connie went to rehab for 9 days before falling back off the wagon. Phoebe did completely change her life after her ordeal. She left London and started teaching English in Thailand. 

As for Nadia… her sleuthing ends badly for her and tragically for Edward. Joe murders the young man and pins it on Nadia. And this bears repeating – Joe Goldberg, the deranged stalker, psychopath, and serial killer, is now a billionaire. 

And that concludes our detailed recap for You Season 4 Part 2. What are your thoughts on the second part of the fourth season of You? Comment below.

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