Diagnosis Season 1 Recap and Episode Guide

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 16, 2019
Diagnosis Season 1 Recap and Episode Guide

Below is Netflix’s Diagnosis Season 1 Recap and Episode Guide providing details regarding each chapter of the documentary series.

Diagnosis Season 1 documents Dr. Lisa Sanders using crowdsourcing as a method of finding the hardest of diagnoses for the rarest diseases. The 7-episode Netflix documentary series case studies a different scenario each chapter, ranging from random excruciating pain to constant vomiting.

The whole purpose of crowdsourcing is gathering many professional opinions around the world, and whittling down the potential conditions.

At Ready Steady Cut, we have provided a full season review but here is the episode guide:

Episode 1: “Detective Work”

Diagnosis Episode 1 follows 23-year-old Angel. Angel experiences excruciating pain, starting from her legs and shooting up her body. What’s admirable about Episode 1 is how Angel is incredibly determined to find a diagnosis so she can move on with life. “Detective Work” does a grand job in opening up the Netflix series and presenting Lisa Sanders’s method.

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Episode 2: “Second Opinions”

Episode 2 is all about gaining the perspective of a second pair of eyes. “Second Opinions” follows young girl Sadie Gonzalez who experiences regular seizures due to an unknown brain disease. Initial opinions are that Sadie has Rasmussen’s encephalitis, which is a rare inflammatory neurological disease; however, her parents want a more precise diagnosis.

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Episode 3: “The Wisdom of the Crowd”

Episode 3 looks at 46-year-old Willie Reyes. The man is suffering from memory loss, seizures, mood swings, and he has significant brain lesions. It is a race against time — he’s losing himself, and he needs the crowd-sourcing more than ever.

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Episode 4: “Looking for a Village”

Episode 4 is upsetting to watch as Diagnosis introduces the audience to a young girl named Kamiyah who regularly goes limp sometimes hundreds of times a day. Her mother is emotionally invested and determined to find a diagnosis and a community for her daughter. “Looking for a Village” is a complex chapter, where answers are few and far between.

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Episode 5: “A Question of Trust”

Episode 5 tells Lashay’s story — she cannot keep any food and drink down and regularly vomits. A series of potential diagnoses have given Lashay and her mother a cynical view of the healthcare community. The chapter is frustrating due to the family, and not the condition

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Episode 6: “Déjà Vu”

Episode 6 presents Matt Lee, a man whose heart keeps momentarily stopping and the medical community stumped by his conditions. Each time Matt experiences an episode, he also gets a strange sense of déjà vu.

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Episode 7: “Paralyzed”

Episode 7 looks into two patients who are both suffering from rare forms of paralysis that are still undiagnosed. One of the patients is cynical against the medical community while the other is classed as a “good patient”. The last episode brings down the curtains to an insightful series.

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Is It Worth The Watch?

Absolutely! Unfortunately, Diagnosis arrives at the same time as Mindhunter Season 2, making the choice of which series to binge first a little difficult. But there is a guarantee with this series that you will find it difficult to put it down after watching the first episode.

That completes our Diagnosis Season 1 Recap and Episode Guide — get the conversation going in the comments below and let us know what you think of the Netflix series.

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