Mayans MC Recap: Coming to Terms

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 26, 2019 (Last updated: February 12, 2024)
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Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 8 recap: "Kukulkan" | Ready Steady Cut


“Kukulkan” reveals some more telling secrets and builds to a wild conclusion as the second season approaches its end.

This recap of Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 8, “Kukulkan”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Kukulkan” opens with Emily (Sarah Bolger) once again sticking her nose in her husband’s family business, which is probably not going to end well for her. Either way, she discovers something important, though we don’t get to see exactly what. She later goes to see EZ (JD Pardo) in secret, and won’t tell him either, even after he reveals that he’s looking for a money trail that identifies who hired an assassin to kill his parents. EZ’s working theory is that Felipe (Edward James Olmos) did something serious to annoy Galindo Snr. — wonder what that could be? — and they had to flee. He argues with Emily about Galindo and “their baby” and the future they might have had, and she slaps him.

As though Felipe doesn’t have enough on his plate being the illegitimate father of Miguel (Danny Pino) and the secret lover of Dita (Ada Maris), Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) meets with EZ and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and tells them he’s going to report him to ICE if they don’t play ball. He wants information about the rebels and Adelita (Carla Baratta) and supplementary evidence and presumably a bibliography of approved sources.

But EZ, Angel and the rest of the club have things to be getting on with in Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 8: One of Jax Teller’s last wishes was for them to attend a big SAMCRO sit-down with Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), Happy (David Labrava) and some other Sons of Anarchy faces, as well as the Vatos Malditos, who you’ll recall as the people-trafficking villains from the previous episode. That doesn’t bode well for a diplomatic resolution in “Kukulkan”.

The Mayans can’t even settle conflict within their own ranks, it seems. Some of the patched guys give EZ trouble, so Coco (Richard Cabral) gives him the official command to beat them down. There’s lots of tension throughout the meeting — neither side believes themselves to be in the wrong — but the VM finally and reluctantly agree to terms.

Elsewhere in Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 8, Felipe meets with Dita again, and has a conversation in which she expresses clear distaste for the late Marisol; later, Emily visits him at the shop and shows him the documents she uncovered, all approved with Dita’s signature. Is she the one who ordered the hit? It makes sense. Either way, this is going to end in tears for everyone. Miguel, who has had Nestor (Gino Vento) keep a close eye on Emily, arrives at the shop to bring her home, and he’s not in the best of moods. In his anger, he even has a plan to leverage Potter, by enlisting Palomo (Mía Maestro) to track down his secret, lost love. That will almost certainly not end well either.

Speaking of which, neither does “Kukulkan”. The VM, evidently unable to work with the Mayans, ambush them at the meeting. Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) is shot. Coco is blasted with a molotov cocktail and potentially blinded. It’s a bloody ending — and there will be Hell to pay for it. Something to look forward to.

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